The Healings

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Updated August 22, 2022
The Healings (cover)
The Healings


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November 08, 2010
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The Healings
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Welcome to the world of The Healings -- the hilarious journey of a lonely depressed man and his cat, traveling from ''healer'' to ''healer'' in their quest for wholeness...

Excerpt from The Healings, © 2010 by Oana, published by All Things That Matter Press.All rights reserved.

The Healing Session in Self-Evaluation

I’ve never been aware of the fact that a small incident, like being late for dinner, can be a life-changing event.

Naturally, I try to avoid the consequences and I sneak into the bedroom quietly, but when I try to get to the bathroom I step on her toy and a horrifying squeaky sound fills the air. Here she is, frying pan in paw, glossy eyes penetrating the darkness. After a stormy argument, we decide that the dinner incident is not an isolated case.

Something is not right in our relationship!

We need to get counseling! I promise her to call the well-known counselor for couples, Prof. Wilhelm Blueberry, first thing in the morning. Prof. Blueberry – bags under his eyes, coarse hair, huge listener’s ears – is more than happy to listen to our problems and to facilitate the exchange of ideas between us.

We sit down in front of him waiting for a sign. He points at my cat, curious to hear her complaints. My feline partner pulls out a small diary. I didn’t know she was so organized. She starts reading. I’m shocked to discover that she kept track of all my missed dinners, unanswered phone calls, as well as my inability to provide her with fresh fish upon request. I almost start snoozing listening to the never-ending list of complaints.

However, one of them catches my attention. She complains about the fact that, when I went to pick her up at the pet resort, I was unable to tell her apart from other black cats. This is ridiculous!

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