Beaufort Betrayal

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Linda Gerald
Updated August 22, 2022
Beaufort Betrayal (cover)
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Beaufort Betrayal
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The sleepy coastal town of Beaufort, N.C.
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April 01, 2012
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Beaufort Betrayal
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Walking down a street in a town she does not recognize, a young woman soon discovers that she has no memory. The sun is still high in the sky but she knows that when darkness approaches, she will have a real problem. Still, she remains calm. Looking around, searching for anything which might jolt her memory, she sees nothing familiar. Across the street is a block of beautiful, pristine older homes. She spys a gardener working in the yard. Recognizing the song he is singing as The Old Rugged Cross, her heart skips. Maybe she is not doomed. Approaching the worker, hoping that he may know her, she receives even better news. A young man rushes from the balcony. Calling her name, he obviously knows her. As he ushers her inside the home, what is awaiting? Beaufort Betrayl will make you yearn to read by the waters of a sleepy coastal town such as Beaufort, N.C. Beaufort Betrayal was the catalyst for my writing career. Starting as a vision, I knew that the young woman in my thoughts was not me. She was not in eminent danger. Recognizing the town as my beloved Beaufort, N.C. where I have sailed for years, I was delighted. After praying for direction, I soon found myself in front of my computer. The result was this small book. Writing comes so easily for me. Usually, I have several books in my mind, just waiting to be published. This book is the perfect summer read. The smaller size allows easily stowage in the travel bag or beach tote. It will inspire you to "clean the barnacles from you boat" and follow Tory as she sails her 1974 Hinckley Bermuda 40 sailboat through very torturous waters.

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