Liaisons: Meeting Connecting Committing

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Victoria  Ann Roberts Siczak
Updated August 22, 2022
Liaisons: Meeting Connecting Committing
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July 14, 2013
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Liaisons: Meeting Connecting Committing
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Liaisons is an exclusive on line dating service where you can meet the person of your dreams...literally! The problem is that this beautiful, intelligent intriguing person has an affliction or disorder that prevents their seeking love in the conventional manner. But that shouldn't matter if you fall in love with some one...should it? Karl Wright and Danny Morgan have started a dating service called Liaisons to help beautiful people find love with someone who would love them in spite of their affliction or disorder. Karl thought of the idea, after he met his beautiful wife Karen, who suffers from a bi polar disorder. Among the list of clients, are Reverend Grayson Murray, who has technophobia, but needs to bring his into the technical era. Nick Clearwater suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, and has violent episodes where he thinks he is back in combat trying to save his men. Will the people of Liaisons be able to find a woman who understands his afflictions? Dr. Donovan Gordon is an FBI profiler, who can not open up to anyone, but releases his pent up emotions by fits of rage in undisclosed places. His match through the dating service thinks he is f, but then starts to fear that he has something to do with the killings plaguing the city. Alexis Lee is an exquisite dancer and performer, but the man she is matched to, is jealous of her relationship with another female performer. When her friend ends up a victim of who the newspapers call the Slasher, she and the police began to suspect that Liaisons might be liable for more than bringing people together. Others in their clientel' include Melanie, who might be a schizophrenic, as her domineering father believes she is. When harm comes to the man she is dating, she points the finger at her father, and the man he wants her to marry. Is it one of them, or is it Melanie herself? Susan Sanders is a sexually inhibited Dean of a prestigious women's college. When she meets a man, her persona she calls Suzette takes control of the situation. The problem is Suzette only cares about having a good time. Then there is Antony Gleason, a well to do handsome lawyer who meets and marries school teacher Theresa Gardner. She thinks he is just perfect, except for the little problem of his obsessive compulsive disorder. Terry feels she can live with that, but can she, as he is determined to have everything his way? There is a serial killer and a crime spree throughout the city, and evidence points to some people associated with the dating service known as Liaisons. What will happen when or if the killer is apprehended? What will happen to the dating service known as Liaisons?

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