Rosemary Beach

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Linda Gerald
Updated August 22, 2022
Rosemary Beach (cover)
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Rosemary Beach


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Macon, Georgia; Savannah, Georgia, Annapolis, Maryland
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September 01, 2012
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Rosemary Beach
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Encouraged by my first book, Beaufort Betrayal, I couldn't wait to start writing again. Before my first book was publshed, I had my second ready to submit. I wish that I would have taken more time with this work because I love the story. Still, I think that anyone who has lost a spouse, married the man of their dreams, adopted a child, felt betrayed or even harmed by a friend, love a household employee like family and had friends for support will love this book. Rosemary Beach is a love story. An ordinary nurse falls in love with a handsome British man whom she meets in the elevator of the hospital where she works. Following is a love story of epic proportions as her life changes from a nice, simple, hardworking existence to a life of glamour and sophistication. Yet, she never forgets her roots which she proudly shares. Travel with Rosemary Beach, the name of the protagonist as well as the town where she finds herself living, as she changes into a woman of true beauty inside and out. Just as in life, her situation changes as her perfect life starts to unravel due to the hatred from a woman whom she doesn't know. A jilted lover from her husband's past plots her demise. Just when it looks like she is losing the battle, God helps her through an impossible set of circumstances.

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