Water Rate Challenge (Breaking Debt Book 1)

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Raphael Ralph Tirrell Harlan
Updated August 22, 2022
Water Rate Challenge (Breaking Debt Book 1) (cover)
Water Rate Challenge (Breaking Debt Book 1)
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Grand Blanc, Michigan
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July 01, 2013
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Water Rate Challenge
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In a Flint suburb of Grand Blanc, Michigan, Michelle used to teach at an elementary school for a few years before she suffered three massive injuries in a car accident. Michelle had broken ribs, knees, and back.

The accident left her unable to teach, so she dug deeper in financial trouble. Michelle and her husband Sean used nearly $100,000 worth of credit to pay for her surgery and medical costs. Michelle had broken ribs, knees, and back.
With Sean working in the nuclear plant industry, the couple attempted to pay off their debts by living their lives frugally, reusing water for washing laundry and bathing, reusing bags, and using cash and debit cards in place of credit. After 15 years, the couple was closer to completely wiping out their debt worth $190,000. Then, a turning mishap in the sewer changed not only their journey, but their water costs.

Join Michelle and Sean in their adventure full of a mixture of mysteries, suspense, and courage.

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