Jay Williams

Wings of Honor

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Updated March 03, 2015
Wings of Honor (book cover)


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February 17, 2015


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United States


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A ruthless, crazed serial killer terrorizes North Carolina. He’s not killing teenagers with a grotesque butcher knife, but instead shooting down unarmed, helpless small planes over the blue Carolina skies while flying a replica of the "Red Baron's" triplane. If you want a fast-paced action/adventure novel about a battle between two men for the sake of honor, buy Wings of Honor and buckle up your seat belt for an action-packed flight. In 1985 an unknown killer stalks the skies of North Carolina, shooting down defenseless, unarmed small aircraft. His weapon of choice: a Fokker Dr. I, a replica of the machine used so effectively in WWI by Manfred von Richtofen, the “Red Baron.” WINGS OF HONOR takes off on the tale of the two men who attempt to hunt down that killer. Dallas Wright, an NTSB investigator, loves to do everything by the book, from keeping the stats on his beloved Baltimore Orioles, to writing such detailed reports that he ruffles more than a few of his superiors feathers. Paul O'Reilly, a hard charging businessman, loves to push everyone around him to extremes as well as romance any woman within arms reach. In WINGS OF HONOR both men fly airplanes the same way they live. Wright strictly by the book; O'Reilly by his wits and experience. Wright seeks to hunt down the reason small planes mysteriously fall from the sky, while O'Reilly hunts down the man who shot him out of those skies to exact his revenge. WINGS OF HONOR also explores our concept of honor. Is it honorable to attempt to bring a man to justice using the law, or is it honorable to kill a man who has wronged you? WINGS OF HONOR resembles life in the twists and surprises that face the men who fly those blue Carolina skies. For when you fly, you take your life into your hands like never before. Whether you land or not depends on your skill but also fate. In WINGS OF HONOR, you might be in for a surprise or two about the fates of the men who take to those skies.

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