Paradoxical I: Angels & Apparitions

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Victoria  Ann Roberts Siczak
Updated August 22, 2022
Paradoxical I: Angels & Apparitions (book cover)
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June 26, 2014
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Paradoxical I Angels& Apparitions


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Do angels, apparitions, strange creatures and ethereal beings really exist? We know of our world, however what do we know about the spiritual realm, outer dimensions, and astral planes? Where is heaven and hell, and what resides there? Many people see angels, demons, ghosts and spirits...but how can this be?

A Paradox is a statement or proposition that seems contradictory or absurd, nonetheless...expresses the possibility of truth. Angels are messengers who convey God's will...sent to guide and protect us. An apparition is the inexplicable appearance of a ghost, a spirit, entity or a demon.

Visions, premonitions, prophecies and inexplicable phenomena continue to unify

mankind in the difficult effort to understand and explain what is happening in our world. A team of Paranormal Researchers, an Association for the Scientific Research of Phenomena and a group of Quantum Physicists search for answers in the region known as the Bermuda Triangle where many strange occurrences have been documented. However these unnatural events are now being reported around the world. A young Romanian girl disappears right before the eyes of her priest. Soon diverse religions are involved including the Roman Catholic diocese, the Navajo Dine' and Haitian Voodouists who implore the Loa, spirits and Saints for knowledge and guidance.

A fisherman who lost his brother at sea fifteen years ago, hears his brother's voice calling to him from an aperture in the sky. Dr. Brenda Highland ...a paranormal psychologist, unknowingly opens a portal to another dimension and unleashes strange beings into our world. A Voodoo Asogwe (priest) and a Navajo Hatalli (medicine man) join forces in their knowledge of spiritualism and mysticism to gain insight as to what these unnatural occurrences mean to the Earth and all that inhabit it. Gateways open, dimensions overlap, and worlds collide. What will become of man and his very existence? What will happen if beings from these other dimensions invade our world?

The message from beyond our reality is clear. Man must unify to understand. "For in the lived truth of Creation and the Mystique of the Universe and its forces...there is the unspoken terror and fear, of everything above, beneath, beyond, and within!

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