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Unequally Yoked: Our Path To Purpose And He Shall Direct Our Paths: True Testimonials of A Real Couple

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Updated March 23, 2015
Unequally Yoked: Our Path To Purpose And He Shall Direct Our Paths: True Testimonials of A Real Couple (cover)


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August 10, 2005
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This book is written to the thousands of Christians who may be living in a marriage that after having become a Christian find themselves living with a spouse that has not yet dedicated their lives to Christ. Your spouse has dedicated himself or herself to the Lord and have walked away from God finding themselves in a back slidden condition. Or, your spouse may have become a Christian, and after many years, lack of spiritual growth. Whatever the situation, as a wife of 40 years walking with Christ for nearly 21 years, I have experienced these situations some of early on in my own marriage. I have also experienced God’s faithfulness in divine deliverance. I can testify of God’s faithfulness to answer prayers. He saved my spouse, healed and totally renewed my marriage and He is still moving by His Spirit among the earth bringing deliverance, salvation and miracles to thousands who are believing Him to be set free in their marriages.

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Is not just a divine tale of an unequal marriage, but a lesson of letting the Lord come in and fix your marriage. This book is story of one woman’s obstacles when trying to make her walk with the Lord match the same in her husband while giving you steps and healing to its readers. I liked this book not because it was a documentary, but because of it realness with the author. By talking about her own path and troubles, I feel she was really able to connect with readers who are having the same struggle and would be one of those books that I would give to not just couples who are going through it. I would suggest this to new couples as well so that they know and really look at each other and their own marriage.

From here, you are given a powerful testimony from this author. I think the placement of this was very well put. She handed you the lessons to help strengthen and fortify a marriage. She shows you a story of herself before her walk with Christ to now and lets you know that you are not alone in this struggle. There are a lot of couples who are unequally yoked but if you have God, anything is possible you just have to have faith in him.
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