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Accepting Cherry

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Chrissy Snyder
Updated August 22, 2022
Accepting Cherry (book cover)
Accepting Cherry


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February 28, 2015
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Accepting Cherry
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18 and Up
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Even a Princess can fall......

A romantic tale of two people finding one another after some difficult circumstances. This story is a tearjerker, so get out your tissues.

Twirl me around and watch me spin, a modern day princess lives within…..

Charisa has a perfect life. Just like her favored Princesses, she is living the life every girl dreams of for her very own fairytale, but even the sweetest fairytales must come to an end.
When happiness is at its peak, fate steps in and one by one she loses everything.

Picking up the pieces to a broken life can be long and bumpy. Most often than not things get worse before they get better.

Despite her despair and the hell she’s been through time and time again, she finds love and begins to plan a future as none other than Mrs. Prince Charming.

Convinced she’s going to finally get her happily ever after; fate steps in once again and she suffers betrayal and shame of the greatest degree.

Will she give the idea of love a second chance and find her one and only or will her dark secrets prevent her from truly finding herself?
Behind every prince is a story left untold.

Look behind the mask and you’ll see it unfold.

Sawyer has lived a charmed life. He’s the catch every girl is after when dreaming of her very own storybook ending. In real life though, nothing is like it is in a fairytale. One childhood event can forever affect how a man looks at love and relationships, even a golden guy like Sawyer.

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, isn’t that what everyone has always taught in history class? He doesn’t have time for love or commitment. Even the most skeptical with love can sometimes find it in the strangest of places, when that one special someone catches his eye, suddenly leaving him dazed and confused.

The only way to reap the benefits of true love is to put your unknown demons behind and give love a shot.

When secrets start to emerge will the two beat the odds or part ways and let it destroy them both?

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