ip Lock (Country Fever) (cover)

Lip Lock (Country Fever)

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Lip Lock (Country Fever)

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June 25, 2013
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Lip Lock (Country Fever)
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This book from Em Petrova, Lip Lock, spins an exquisite tale. Hayley is a woman who happens to be down on her luck. She has no money and is bringing up her teenage son with no cooperation from her bum of a spouse. Her rent is due, her son needs braces, and she is barely living paycheck to paycheck. Brant, who has things more under control in his life, is an orthodontist in town. He happens to be one of the most eligible bachelors. He has quite a bit money with no one to spend it on. He lays eyes on Hayley, and he is a goner, heart and all.

Think there’s nothing spicy beneath her vanilla shell? Brace yourself… Country Fever, Book 2 From the moment he spots the blonde bombshell in the small-town Reedy, Wyoming, grocery store, Brant Foxfire can’t help but check her out—all the way to the checkout line. He always hoped he’d see her again, but never thought it’d be this way—with her young son in his orthodontist chair for a consultation. It’s not the boy’s overbite that captures his attention. It’s the single mom’s mouth. Her luscious lips…and that one charmingly off-kilter tooth. Hayley Graff knows firsthand that lust doesn’t equal a long-term relationship, but Brant awakens her body’s needs in a way she can’t ignore. She’d love nothing more than to “open wide” for the sexy orthodontist, as long as he never learns the embarrassing truth. To his delight, Brant discovers that his long-suppressed need to dominate brings out the best in the standoffish vixen. Yet her reluctance to completely let down her guard stands in the way of total bliss…until an accident exposes her deepest vulnerability. Warning: Contains teeth-grinding desire between a spank-me-please blonde bombshell and a closet Dom who knows how to straighten her out. You may never look at an orthodontist’s chair the same way again.

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