Saving Mouse

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Sean M Campbell
Updated August 22, 2022
Saving Mouse (cover)
Saving Mouse


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October 09, 2013
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Saving Mouse
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Rebecca Saint James, or Mouse to her only friend, is about to graduate from high school. She is looking forward to a dismal life at the bottom of the food chain. Then her boss at the store she works for asks her to take a fill-in job as a gofer at the corporate office. She is afraid she will not be able to do the job. She has been made extremely shy and submissive by her family.

There she meets her new boss, Michael. He is so kind and handsome. She is terrified she will not be able to measure up to the lofty standards at his corporate office.
Michael takes her under his wing, and for the first time in her life someone besides her friend treats her with kindness. Then Michael discovers Rebecca’s repressive and abusive home life. Michael cannot stand to see her treated the utterly inhumane way her family treats her.

Michael offers her something. Something Rebecca cannot believe he would want from her. It is a once-in-a- lifetime chance that Rebecca bravely throws herself into.
Rebecca watches as the people around her change over the next few weeks. Are they changing or is it her perceptions of their actions. Could Michael be right? Could she become the strong confident women he promised she would be? Could Michael save Mouse?

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