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Lucky Star

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Jim Cangany
Updated August 22, 2022
Lucky Star


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February 14, 2014
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In Annie, E.J.'s found his North Star. In E.J., Annie's found someone who truly loves her for just her. Everything's great, right? Wrong! Despite their obvious feelings for each other, somebody is s intent on tearing down the foundation they've built. And E.J.s the target. First his career is derailed. Then his reputation is sullied.

Annie's determined to find the culprit. But hows she going to do that when, as her alter-ego Cassandra Lawrence, she has a new album to record and a tour to plan? E.J. desperately wants to prove hes worthy of Annie. Is it even possible when every time things are headed in the right direction, disaster strikes?

Can they figure out figure out who is so intent on driving them apart and put a stop to it before irreparable damage is done? From Northern California to New York and points in between, our lovers struggle to keep their unlikeliest of relationships alive amid joy, heartache and everything in between. But it's not until all appears lost once and for all that they learn faith--in themselves and each other--is what matters most.

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