The Return II & III

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Sean M Campbell
Updated August 22, 2022
The Return (cover)
The Return II & III


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August 01, 2013
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The Return
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18 and Up
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This is a double book, with over 430 print pages.

Rhys has brought together the remains of the Life Ward. Now he must face the challenge of rescuing his wife from her prison of stone. But it had never been done before. No one had ever managed to break a tailored spell. Would he be able to do it? Would he be willing to pay the price his plan would cost him?

Then there was the child Myka. What was it about her that called to Rhys? Why was he so protective of her and had taken her as his daughter. Something told him her story was far from over.
After he rescued his wife he needed to brace the emperor. He had to finish what he had started more than six thousand years before. He was going to need help. He had put his fate in the hands of a young woman. The fate of the empire now rested firmly in Tia’s hands. Could she do what he asked of her? Would what he needed her to do damage her beyond saving. When the emperor was finished there would be a new man on the throne. Who did Avery have in mind? Rhys did not want to do this again.

On the way he had to get help. Help from a source that had not accepted any human in more than six thousand years. He would travel to the plains of Kaidia and throw himself and his companions to the choice of the great horses. How would they choose? Would he loose one of his closest companions to them?

He had also promised the Life Ward he would give them their chains and children. How could he go so against his nature? How could he make them into slaves? It would break his heart to see them in that way. They had stood by him through the worst of hells.

Now he also had the necromancer to worry about. What did that person want? Why were they after that one person? Rhys had never had to deal with a necromancer. Was he really ready for this?

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