A Fractured World

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Laurence Moore
Updated August 22, 2022
A Fractured World (cover)

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May 18, 2015
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18 and Up


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Sometimes they speak of the Before, when billions of Ancients ruled and black energy powered everything, but those times have been lost, buried beneath a thousand years of ash.

Today our world is Gallen, a blistered and decaying land where citizens survive behind the high walls of Chett, the first city, the only city. Life is simple, low-tech, one of meagre rewards and grinding routine. Beyond its gates and watch towers the wastelands are left to scavenging bandit gangs and the shunned deformed.
It is out there that a drifter known as the Tongueless Man, and his companion, Tomas, rescue a scarred, one-eyed young woman named Emil. They learn she is a Pure One, blessed from birth with the ability to heal the sick and dying, but in a world devoid of medicine, it can be more a curse than a gift.

Unsure if she can really trust them, Emil seeks protection from the drifters, but finds there will be no refuge for her in the wastelands. The demented Cleric, a powerful tribal warlord, is driven to cleanse Gallen of her kind. And in Chett, where Pure Ones are outlawed, political corruption is rife within the city and a bounty has been set on her head, for to harness such power over life and death is to become a deity.

Across the burnt desert wastelands and on the city streets two worlds are set for a violent and explosive collision.

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