Chronicles of the Marauder- Marauder Rising

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A. George Moye
Updated August 22, 2022
Chronicles of the Marauder- Marauder Rising


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Neil goes from criminal to captain of a faster than light space ship where
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March 01, 2013
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Chronicles of the Marauder- Book one
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16 and up


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After Neil serves time in prison, his luck changes and he wins the lottery allowing him to fulfill his dreams rebuilding his shattered life. Unable to leave his home state, he recruits others to build his spacecraft. Reluctantly, because of his felony background, they name him captain but gave Janice actual command. Problems in slue but finding Aliens allows Neil to become the Captain in more than name as he saves their lives and arms the craft to fight off additional enemies. During his battles to become captain, he finds love and happiness with Carrie, the beautiful young crew member with angelic voice. Unsure where they were in deep space, Neil befriends several different aliens as they become members of the crew and help rebuild the Marauder after it was nearly destroyed. Poopa the many appendage alien will make you laugh, the horse like alien Noka, you will fall in love with. Sockan, the pale white alien with purple lips and no emotions will leave you cold.

Neil Armstrong Andrews had to put his life on hold when he loses his temper and almost kills two young rich men. Their family power certifies he will spend time in jail. His wife deserts him leaving him and divorcing him, never allowing him to see, know whether his unborn child at the time of his sentencing was a male or female. Only one year away from his master's degree, after prison time he went back and finished. Winning the largest lottery in American history sent his life back on course. Unable to leave his home state while still on probation, he recruits using his money people to build his spaceship. He finds that even his fortune was not enough, so he allows China and Australia to invest in his dream. Upon finishing his craft that was a culmination of various ideas by what the world considered crackpots, he is finally off probation. All during construction, Neil was spoken as being the Captain but when it came time to actually crew the ship, The fact he was a convicted felon with a notorious bad temper was brought to the forefront. The board Neil appointed to select the crew finally agreed to let him be the captain as a figurehead but actual command rest with the commander, Janice. Neil has to battle not only the commander but his Chief Engineer, Boris that felt they were more capable of leading the ship.

Neil discovers that the crew didn't harbor any reservations about him, some did not like the naval military protocol that Janice installed. One crew member in particular captures Neil's attention is Carrie, the beautiful young housekeeper with an angelic voice that sung while she worked. Her happiness was contagious spreading to Neil and others. So much to Neil that before he realized it, he was in love with her. The Commander did not approve of their relationship and was quick to tell him about it. Even though on their ten year mission no one was expected to abstain for that period of time.

The discovery of that the craft did go faster than light as it was designed took them far into deep space where they come upon what looked like a battlefield filled with debris. Their excursion into the field draws the attention of live aliens. Neil finds the aliens soon had other plans for them for their excursion, his fast thinking saves the lives of most of the crew along with the ship.

The arm themselves with one of the weapons taken from the field along with building known earth weapons. In their first space battle, they learn that earth type of weapons were no good in space, their saving grace was the alien weapon.

The ten year mission gave them hope they would learn where they ended up in the galaxy or what galaxy they were in.

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