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J.J. Snow
Updated August 22, 2022
Gunship (cover)
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September 20, 2013
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When Captain Reilly Campbell and her gunship crew left the ISUs they thought they could finally live life on their own terms. With their demons behind them and a lucrative business venture as part time mercenaries and full time interstellar transporters, things were looking up. But when a retrieval mission on a remote moon goes bad, the crew is forced into a new battle, one they never saw coming. Pursued by high tech enemies and caught in a power struggle between two psychopaths, Reilly and her team once again find themselves on point, fighting for the galaxy they call home and the people they love. Time is short, difficult decisions will be made, and truths will come to light that will make the crew question everything they have known.....and this is only the beginning.
The storyline for Gunship takes place in the future, a rough and tumble galaxy that has known it's fair share of war and struggle. Captain Reilly Campbell and her crew have seen it all. During the last 12 years, they have served in the Interstellar Units, an elite military branch charged with handling some of the most dangerous special missions in the galaxy and fighting on some of the most hellish battlefields known to man. But today all that is about to change. Today Reilly and her crew are getting their discharges. The plan is simple: take their ship, look for work, make some cash and start living again. Pilot Duvall "Duv" Jackson is one of the best in the business but after almost losing his son he's ready to make a fresh start. Scout sniper Joby Ty couldn't agree more. If that old fortune teller is right, he has used up half of his allotted time in this life surviving the ISUs. Gunny Sergeant Forlan Chang is a wily, old knuckle-dragger who is just as content to cook for the crew as he is to plan their next recovery job. Seth "Skeeter" Jackson is a brilliant but haunted teen who is struggling to get past the traumatic events that claimed the lives of his mother and brother and changed his world forever. Reilly has her own demons to deal with but she would do anything for her tiny space bound family, even give her own life, if it meant saving one of them. Today is the day they get their freedom. Today is the day they get to start living again. Or so they think. Commander Zain, however, has a much different plan for Reilly and her crew. When a simple retrieval mission turns bad, the crew is drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse where anyone could be an enemy, even their closest friend. Pursued by two psychopaths and searching for answers the crew is forced back into the world they had hoped to escape and a battle they never saw coming. Check out Gunship Prologue and Chapter 1 on Authonomy today or download Gunship from Vook or for your eReader!

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