On a Sphere's Edge: Addiction, Attraction, Myth and Mystery in a Lighthearted Future

It is the twenty-fourth century. Humanity has spread out among the stars thanks to a twenty-second century power system. Lieutenant Commander Alexandria Novastra finds herself in possession of a legendary device that has the potential to destroy civilization. It is then she learns the device is addictive. She cannot turn this device over to her commanders. Military minds and all-consuming destructive powers do not make a good match. She reluctantly accepts the need to drop out of the system to protect the device and humanity. To do that, she enlists the aid of a crafty ex-con.

For the Love of a God

Her name was Lady Elizabeth Montgomery, or just Lady to her family and the people on her farm. She had been raised by her grandparents to teach people the old ways of farming and living. She was only thirteen when her grandparents died and left the farm to her, yet she still became the well-loved leader of her farm hands. Then at age fourteen the unthinkable happen. The world went to war with nuclear weapons. Lady cried in her mother’s arms as doomsday came for them. The missiles never landed. The news announced the weapons had simply disappeared in flight. Then the president came on every channel and every station. He announced that aliens were invading the Earth. He told the nation nothing more after that. Every power station on Earth shut down simultaneously. Man was thrown into a new Dark Age. Lady became the leader of a group of refugees. Then a community. At nineteen she had shown the families that came to the farm how to live without electricity. They followed her and loved her, for the life and peace she had given them. Then her brother came home after being missing for five years. With him he brought a mysterious stranger that Lady felt drawn to. He asked for her help and the help of her small community. Would she help? Would she become the architect of the new age of man? Could she become a teacher, a leader, and a wife to a god?

We the People: Inalienable

An indestructible amnesiac teen must defeat an alien menace with the help of a crack military special ops team. Morticia Thane has a problem. It's not the fact that she has no memories before two years ago, or even the fact that she can't die. Thane has been abducted by a top secret military unit, whisked away to a hidden facility in the desert by the stalwart but ruthless Captain Bast.

A Fractured World

Sometimes they speak of the Before, when billions of Ancients ruled and black energy powered everything, but those times have been lost, buried beneath a thousand years of ash. Today our world is Gallen, a blistered and decaying land where citizens survive behind the high walls of Chett, the first city, the only city. Life is simple, low-tech, one of meagre rewards and grinding routine. Beyond its gates and watch towers the wastelands are left to scavenging bandit gangs and the shunned deformed.

Chronicles of the Marauder- Marauder Rising

After Neil serves time in prison, his luck changes and he wins the lottery allowing him to fulfill his dreams rebuilding his shattered life. Unable to leave his home state, he recruits others to build his spacecraft. Reluctantly, because of his felony background, they name him captain but gave Janice actual command. Problems in slue but finding Aliens allows Neil to become the Captain in more than name as he saves their lives and arms the craft to fight off additional enemies. During his battles to become captain, he finds love and happiness with Carrie, the beautiful young crew member with angelic voice. Unsure where they were in deep space, Neil befriends several different aliens as they become members of the crew and help rebuild the Marauder after it was nearly destroyed. Poopa the many appendage alien will make you laugh, the horse like alien Noka, you will fall in love with. Sockan, the pale white alien with purple lips and no emotions will leave you cold.


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