PlanetB2: Human War Against Nature

M C Raj creates a new planet with life. No wonder that Americans want to occupy it. The hitch is that beings in PlanetB2 are cosmic formed out of the entropy of life giving waves. Many nations oppose the over ambitious project of Rustler, the US President who decides to destroy the planet if his plans failed. All missions of Rustler’s to PlanetB2 fail. In total frustration he turns his ire towards all who oppose him on earth. He forms Earth Alliance. Those who oppose him form the Cosmic Alliance under the leadership of the German Chancellor. Plumbel, the close friend of Rustler’s is the kingpin of Cosmic Alliance. Another world war becomes inevitable. Humanity is destroyed in the NBC (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical) war. What happens to Rustler, to cosmic beings, to world leaders and Plumbel etc. are brought out in many plots woven by the author adroitly. War strategies, information galore, creation of a new planet and a new way of life for peace and non-violence are bound to enthrall readers and compel them to extricate the many plots. A festive time is ahead.

Liquid - A Flash Story of Obscurity in the Fabrics of Reality

Widen your perspective as this story presented within these pages will take you on a different journey to question the fire and blood molding fabrics of reality.

The Chronicles of Heaven's War: Sisters of the BloodWind

"We are Sisters of the Bloodwind… daughters from the worlds of heaven, men, and hell! For untold ages, people of the First Realm lived peacefully, enjoying unbounded freedom, pleasure and endless life. It all dissolved into chaos, because of the guile of the Firstborn. Resulting in a time period when the existence of all life hinges upon individuals and choice. The Chronicles of Heaven's War is an epic of how people battle through choices & the eventing consequences.

Liquid 2 - A Frost Bite of Insanity in the Fibers of Dementia

***FREE*** Widen your perspective as this story presented within these pages will take you on a different journey to question the ice and darkness molding fabrics of reality.

The Eldronian Gerye

When an alien lands on earth looking for a mysterious weapon known only as the "Gèrye", Frank, an agent for the EPU-a secret government organization, and Anna, a young woman who recently learns about her own alien heritage, must join forces in order to kill the alien, and save earth from an alien invasion.


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