Shade of Evil: Being Part 1 of G1: The Guardians

A simple man bears a terrible burden, unknowing. Now, that burden is killing him, seeking freedom from his exhausted hulk. Freedom to grow. Freedom to satisfy its evil hunger. And it hungers for Humans! A darkness dwelt there, a vile miasma of misery that gnawed at the very soul of the man. It had been there for years, growing like some parasite, growing bloated with every bit of melancholy that was sucked from him. Worse, it was taking on a life of its own, a substance that should not exist. And the man was becoming something less, something hollow. A novelette.


When Captain Reilly Campbell and her gunship crew left the ISUs they thought they could finally live life on their own terms. With their demons behind them and a lucrative business venture as part time mercenaries and full time interstellar transporters, things were looking up. But when a retrieval mission on a remote moon goes bad, the crew is forced into a new battle, one they never saw coming. Pursued by high tech enemies and caught in a power struggle between two psychopaths, Reilly and her team once again find themselves on point, fighting for the galaxy they call home and the people they love. Time is short, difficult decisions will be made, and truths will come to light that will make the crew question everything they have known.....and this is only the beginning.

Life II

Upon discovering a 1958 book titled "Account of Time Travel on Earth Using Wave Theory," 42-year-old Max Thorning's life is thrown into chaos. Seeking answers to the book's cryptic clues, he discovers Dr. Time, a seemingly benign alien who has control of the Time Weaver, a remarkable device that can command any scene from the Earth's past. Dr. Time offers him a choice to go back into Time, to any point in his lifespan that he can vividly recall. The catch: he can only bring his memories, and can only live the future one day at a time. Follow Max's dilemma as he goes back to his 16-year-old self and tries to forge his destiny into a new one called Life II.

Enlightened by Darkness - Vol.2 The Invasion

Widen your perspective as each story presented within these pages will take you on a different journey. From the darkest of myths, pass the rain of ice and fire till you reach the darkest of realities. No one will be spared.

Armageddon Wars: Selah

Praxton has been recently promoted to Brigadier and is attending a celebration in honor of his promotion. To Praxton, everything seems to be going perfectly until he receives news from his superiors that Earth is in the midst of the greatest environmental disaster that will soon leave Earth unable to support life. Humanity’s only hope is in the construction of the most advanced ships that are equipped with a new piece of technology called hyper-warp. The only problem is there isn’t enough time to complete enough ships for everyone to evacuate. Tasked in safeguarding the ships’ construction, Praxton soon realizes that a war may be brewing in the horizon. A final war that will determine the fate of humanity forever.


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