PlanetB2: Human War Against Nature

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Raj Casimir Manickam
Updated August 22, 2022
PlanetB2: Human War Against Nature (cover)
PlanetB2: Human War Against Nature


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January 07, 2014
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M C Raj creates a new planet with life. No wonder that Americans want to occupy it. The hitch is that beings in PlanetB2 are cosmic formed out of the entropy of life giving waves. Many nations oppose the over ambitious project of Rustler, the US President who decides to destroy the planet if his plans failed. All missions of Rustler’s to PlanetB2 fail. In total frustration he turns his ire towards all who oppose him on earth. He forms Earth Alliance. Those who oppose him form the Cosmic Alliance under the leadership of the German Chancellor. Plumbel, the close friend of Rustler’s is the kingpin of Cosmic Alliance. Another world war becomes inevitable. Humanity is destroyed in the NBC (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical) war. What happens to Rustler, to cosmic beings, to world leaders and Plumbel etc. are brought out in many plots woven by the author adroitly. War strategies, information galore, creation of a new planet and a new way of life for peace and non-violence are bound to enthrall readers and compel them to extricate the many plots. A festive time is ahead.

Planet B2 Human War Against Nature M C Raj American Scientists discover another planet with movement of some beings. The President of America develops a dream that he could send a spacecraft to occupy PlanetB2 and make Americans live in the planet. The first and second missions to the planet failed miserably. In the third mission a Native American space scientist excels in the training and is chosen to go to the PlanetB2. The mission fails but she lands in the planet. Her movements are monitored by Ground Force in America. This urges Rustler, the American President to make another attempt by consciously selecting Marissa, another Native American scientist. Their trainer Plumbel who is a close friend of Rustler goes into the Native American region under the garb of a research. But he falls in love with Marissa and with the culture and spirituality of the indigenous shamans. In the next attempt too Bigbelly, the spacecraft perishes without a trace but Marissa lands in PlanetB2 naked. Their bodies are transformed into cosmic bodies just like other beings in PlanetB2. They begin to communicate with Plumbel through cosmic waves. Plumbel understands that his friend Rustler’s ambition of dominating over other planets is against the cosmic order. They fall out and Rustler decides to eliminate Plumbel. Rustler is angry when he comes to know that there is communication between the two girls and Plumbel and not with American scientists. He decides to kill all the cosmic beings on PlanetB2 or destroy the planet itself if his next attempt did not succeed. He prepares special spacecraft and NBC weapons to destroy the planet if American dominance is resisted. Knowing his plans Plumbel escapes from the US and takes refuge in Norway with active assistance from Norwegian Prime Minister. She is half shaman. Later she sends him to Vietnam for security reasons. The Premier of Vietnam likes the cosmic views and values of Plumbel’s. But fearing his security risks Plumbel is sent to Germany with active collaboration from German Chancellor Claudia. Ultimately both of them fall in love with each other and that proves to be the downfall of Plumbel. He is assassinated. Plumbel in the meantime has sufficiently warned the three nations of the impending danger to the world from the egotistic Rustler. Claudia takes the lead in the resistance movement against Rustler’s plans either to capture or to destroy PlanetB2. Russia, China and Vietnam join hands with Caludia along with European Union. UK, Canada, Australia etc. form the Earth Alliance with Rustler leading it. Claudia’s group is named Cosmic Alliance. The next Bigbelly also miserably fails and all the spacecraft carrying multiple NBC weapons are unable to reach PlanetB2 and are destroyed at the liquid zone in space. Frustration of Rustler turns to the Cosmic Alliance that resisted his unique position of power in the world. The next world war breaks out. The entire world indulges in NBC war and destroys itself. Finally only those people with ability to communicate through life giving energy waves survive the viruses and chemicals because of the strength derived from PlanetB2 in their bodies. They are only a remnant of humanity without any nation, ethnicity, race, caste etc. Another remnant world with new forms of survival through communication with PlanetB2 begins a new life in the cosmos. A ‘first of its kind’ novel written in the unique writing style of M C Raj opens a window to the cosmos and to a new world. A unique world war story that ends in advocacy for non-violence and peace! Raj revels in his war strategies. It is bound to mesmerize the readers. Character building in the novel is remarkable and as usual Raj stuffs his novel with philosophical moorings. Historical and scientific stuffing of the novel make it very interesting.

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