Love, Lies, and Lust

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Mz Robinson
Updated November 05, 2014
Love, Lies, and Lust (cover)


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July 20, 2012
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Damon has done everything within his power to protect his family and keep his marriage in tact. However, some things are out of a man s control and the life Damon has been working so hard to preserve is beginning to unravel before his eyes. When Damon's greatest fear comes true he becomes a man on a mission and no one is safe from his wrath. For Octavia, finding out her husband has been spinning lie after lie since they met is one thing but confessing her own transgressions is another. She refuses to allow her own sins to be her marriage s downfall but can t resist wondering if there are some things that shouldn t be repaired. When Octavia is faced with what could be her greatest tragedy, she will put everything on the line, including her life to save those she loves.

Kelly had one hope and desire when he entered Damon and Octavia's lives which was to claim the money he thought was his birth right. Now that he s gotten to know the woman that Octavia is and everything she stands for, he can t forget her nor can he shake the desire to finish what the two of them started. Kelly's love of money is strong but he s slowly discovering his lust and desire for Octavia are stronger. Loving Octavia was never in the plan but plans change and now Kelly must make a life altering decision.

Lena will forever think of Damon as the one who got away...the one whom would have made her life perfect. To her life is nothing without the right man to share it with and Damon is that man. Lena believes the best solution is to rid herself of any and all problems that prevent her from being with the man she loves. That problem just so happens to be Octavia.

When the lives of these four collide, love will be lost, lies will be exposed and lust will lead to death and destruction. All will be effected and life for those who survive will never be the same...

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