The Adventures of Mr. McGuire and Friends

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K. A. Yodock
Updated August 22, 2022
The Adventures of Mr. McGuire and Friends (cover)
The Adventures of Mr. McGuire and Friends (back cover)
The Adventures of Mr. McGuire and Friends
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October 15, 2014
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Mr. McGuire is a Boston terrier who lives with his family in the enchanting countryside of New England. He is generally a polite, playful, sort of chap however he's become distressed over the long absences of his parents. This is when the wonderful adventures begin, and it is up to Albert a bluebird, Miss Pearl a pleasant reddish-gray squirrel, and a variety of other woodland friends to dream up a way to help Mr. McGuire overcome his sorrow. More intrigue is provided by a lovable, rather rascally fox named Red and his medical dilemma. Other character adventures include the account which describes Mr. McGuire's friendship with the amazing Catherine, who is a colorfully striped creature dressed in a tutu, and wearing sixteen ballet slippers one for each of her feet. Finally, Mr. McGuire is introduced to Daisy a timid toy poodle. The friends once again unite to help Daisy prevail.

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