A Test of Honor

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Michael hawk Spisak
Updated August 22, 2022
A Test of Honor (cover)
A Test of Honor


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July 04, 2014
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18 and Up
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What is the meaning of life? Why are we here, in this form, this existence? Throughout the ages many have sought an answer to these questions. A Test of Honor is one mans journey to find those answers. Not the answer provided by religion. Not one provided by occupation or education. An individual answer; an answer that makes sense, if only to him. A journey of one man who upon realizing there must be more to him seeks to discover exactly how much. What is his character? Is he a man of honor, of integrity? How far will he go to find those answers? A Test of Honor - the trails and tribulations, the heartache and joy one man experiences in his attempt to define himself.

Imagine being born without an identity, not knowing who you are, who your people are or where you come from. Imagine being thrown away by your mother, the one who was supposed to care, to nurture and support, as though you were worthless, nothing more than garbage to be left at the curb. Imagine walking this world alone, so utterly alone with no support.

Eventually a time will come when you will need to know. Who you are, what you are, why you are? Why do you exist? What is your purpose? Do you have a purpose or is your existence to forever be damned by suffering and pain? What would you do? Give up, quit, lay down and die? Do you have what it takes to carry on, to refuse to be beaten into submission?

This is how I came to be. This is my reality. And this is my story. What was required of me to learn who I was and why I was given this gift of life. This is my journey to meet my relatives, my People, my blood and discover what it means to be descended from the original indigenous First Nations of North America. This is my journey to discover my purpose.

Do you have the courage to turn these pages and walk with me through all the bloody lessons to become the man I am now? Is there strength in you to stand again, rise again regardless the agony heaped upon you? What will you become if you do? Who will you be when the final page has turned?

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