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Gary Graves
Updated August 22, 2022
Imaginings (cover)


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June 02, 2012
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Imaginings is the final book in a series of powerful poetry books reflecting a culmination of G.E. Graves works. The verses, reaching back over 30 years to present, grabs one when they least expect it.

It is easy to wonder about our self, our growth, as we mature. It is sensible to believe that living can add many exciting experiences. However, in many cases, sudden and traumatic experiences can trigger insight that we would not have thought possible. This is the case for poetry and for many other forms of prose. It is an outlet of one's emotions, thoughts, ideas. It is a way, I believe, to express the inexpressible in words. There are so many things in life that there are simply no words to express. This is exactly what we are talking about, delving inside and feeling those words out.
• Ever notice how those words expressing love and trust are little words. Words that may be short, but express so much. Sure, there may be longer words, these longer words. trying to define the shorter ones, usually remove the true essences.

• As one reaches inside, trying to form what one’s heart is striving to say, what words will come. Closing off one's mind, feeling what is inside, trying to understand and then allow it to surface, and struggle for those "little" words that express so much.

• Imaginings is an example of poetry through the years. Much can be said about prose, what is good and what is not, however, is not all art personal? What we see between the lines, in the spaces where there are no words, is that not the beauty of all art? Seeing what we see, feeling what we feel, and not knowing or caring why.

• With the four seasons of Minnesota cycling every year, it is easy to discover a relationship between that and our own cycles. In these writings, one may see many references to the changes of environment. Poetry is the perfect medium for self-analysis. Poetry is a very personal type of writing, involving emotions and feelings that are often not clearly understood.

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