No silêncio dos olhos - Paperback Cover

No silêncio dos olhos

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Irina Andréa Jacinto Sopas
Updated August 22, 2022
No silêncio dos olhos


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When I was asked a preface to the work at hand, a work whose metaphorical exercise achieves plurisbickering that takes us to a deep dialogue with our and various intimacies, a work in which the reflective range of the text leads us to Deep travel to the Federative Republic of Human Feel, I hesitated. First, perhaps devoid of intellectual baggage, as not knowing me tamanhamente worthy of such honor. However, harassed by youth and boldness is clear, this exercise to die to live in the trade of words, I accepted the challenge to which I give myself soon. Not by a inacadémico exercise cronyism, but because the underlying acute lyricism in the womb of the poems brought me this religious climax. The poems have a strength and frásica pace of construction that now claim, now suggest, always building, even when they seem self-destroy itself. The literary-aesthetic structure reverence not necessarily typical forms, but by no means intend to build a kind of Phoenix Reborn!

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