Resilience In Curls

Resilience In Curls

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Natalie Keshing
Updated August 22, 2022
Resilience In Curls


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November 03, 2015
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Resilience In Curls
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15 and Up
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Wondrous in one word, was my first review. My first novel "Resilience In Curls" by Natalie Keshing. it is truly an inspiring heroic story. The main charactter is Lorie who survives adversity and heroic challenges. It is written with powerful verses to heighten and enlighten the reader's experience most including a picture as well. There are nine wonderful delightful short stories, five British, three contemporary. Lorie is a person of immense will power who has faced very serious challenges in her life starting from the age four in Chatper 1. Resiliently We Rise When We Are Faced With The Unimaginable.
Resilience In Curls is about life, cultures, and beautiful characters interspersed throughout this wonderful story. I wrote this novel with great passion and meaningful verses to heighten the reader’s experience. There are 9 fictional charming and humorous stories included in the book. The main character is Lorie who faces challenges in epic proportions, exposed to alcoholism, abuse, neglect, and ultimately life threatening illnesses. The theme in the book is on education, inspiration, and continuing to live with absolute faith. Once the momentum starts there is great humor to enjoy. Below is an excerpt.

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