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It's Not Your Journey

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Rebecca Ann Lombardo
Updated August 22, 2022
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It's Not Your Journey
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August 23, 2015
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18 to 50
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Follow my journey through more than 20 years dealing with bipolar disorder, and how I overcame a suicide attempt. It's been a long and painful journey, but I've come out stronger and smarter. It's not your journey, it's mine.
In her first published work, Rebecca Lombardo collects her internationally followed blog into the pages of It's Not Your Journey. Rebecca shares her struggles with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, self-injury, and recovery from a suicide attempt.

Rebecca candidly reveals her real and raw feelings on these subjects, as well as addressing other issues that have contributed to her downward spiral and eventual climb out of her own pit of despair. Issues such as the loss of her mother to lung cancer, the death of her brother, abandonment from friends and family members due to her hospitalization, and more.

At 42 years of age and happily married for nearly 14 years, Rebecca can finally say that she is on her way to reaching her dream. Not only does she hope to help people that are struggling with depression, she hopes to help everyone realize that you are never too old to find your voice.


It's Not Your Journey - A Memoir

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