Editorial Reviews

"You meet the characters in this book while they are coming out of relationships that ended horribly. Their relationships start with dating a person that is same race. Tammy is through with black men altogether and for good reason. She was the type of woman who looked past a man's demeanor and just fell in love with the man. Terrell is a genuinely nice guy who respects the gentleman's code, but when it comes to his racist girl,..."
The Start of Me and You
"The Start of Me and You is one of those stories that grabs you in by the first page and keeps you reading until you are on the last page screaming no way I need more I want more. I could picture Paige in my head the entire time I was reading thinking to myself she is one strong girl to finally decide that after two years she is ready to go back to school and start over again. ..."
ROCK CITY: A Crazy Hood Love Story
"The story was really all over the place for me and was really one of those books that I would pick up for a few day and put it right back down for the same amount. It was story that intrigued me in the love factor, but was losing me at times when it came to the character development. The plot of the story had its moments where you are moving from one scene to the next very..."
Street Divas
"Very nitty gritty from start to finish. After reading the first book, I honestly didn't think there was any more of the story. I thought that was the end and the people who fought so hard to be together were just shattered because of street politics. But that isn't the case. The second book picks up where the first book left off and it starts off pretty gruesome. Let's be real, Melanie was the type of character who you..."
The Golden Chalice (Lee's Girls Series)
"The Golden chalice is the EPIC conclusion to the Lee's Girls Series and oh boy what an EPIC ending! Michelle has The Golden Chalice and is being hunted down. She is determined to get it back to where it belongs. She is tired of all the lies and deceitful things her sister Sasha and Lee have done to her. You know that saying Love hath no fury like a woman scorned well Michelle is beyond scorned and when she miscarries..."

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