Editorial Reviews

Another Time, Another Place
"Mirrored Lives by Rique Johnson The book starts off with us having a look at a woman named April who is love with thunderstorms and in love with her husband Virgil. Her sense of intimacy has another notion, though. Even though they have been together for a few years April feels like their sex life has been going downhill. After she confesses this to her husband she goes to the bathroom and finishes what he never started..."
Secrets of a Kept Woman 1
"A good story about overcoming odds in a broken marriage You meet three young ladies in their high school years and already, they have a plan mapped out for their future and are working hard to obtain it. They seemed to be three girls who were friends, but not really friends. But they stayed close throughout the years. They each end up finding the men in their lives and from here you start to see their..."
The Last Time We Say Goodbye
"Okay I am going to say this first...... Lord you need a box of tissues because you are going to cry and cry and cry some more. This book deals with suicide and the after math of the suicide. This is such a serious issue that is in the news right now that I just want everyone to know that life is worth living and no matter what the problem is it is not worth taking your own life. Reach..."
Jaylin's World: Dare to Live in It
"A good story to the finale of the Naughty Series Ok, so this book was the finale of all the Naughty series by Brenda Hampton and it didn't fail to excite me. Instead of the book being titled Naughty and a number, the author took a different route and decided to call it Jaylin's World and it fit perfectly with the story. The chapters don't all center on Jaylin, but the characters do and I have got..."
Piltdown Man and Other Hoaxes: A Book about Lies, Legends, and the Search for the Missing Link
"I do believe most people will enjoy this journey into the past and present and it would be an excellent tool for educators; giving way to great discussions in the classroom. All in all, a respectable book of fact. "

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