Random Editorial Reviews

The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude
"All in all, I would recommend this book and the rest of the Sister Mary Ola series to anyone who can handle laughing at life, seeing the humor in even the most religious locations as it is a ride worth taking again and again. I look forward to seeing more of this very talented authors work."
"My Rating: 10 of 10! My Cover Thoughts: I love the cover! Shelly has done it again with an amazing cover! It is of a girl and a guy just lying in the grass just staring up into the sky looking at something. They are looking at something that makes them happy because they are smiling. My Thoughts/Review: Shelly Crane has done it again. This series will have you on the edge of your seat. She sets the background in a world where hurt and devastation is all around. People will have to make choices and stand by..."
Her Twisted Pleasures (the Twisted Mosaic - Book 1) (2ND ed.)
"*** THIS BOOK IS INTENDED TO BE READ BY 18+ *** *** DUE TO SEXUAL CONTENT PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS REVIEW ID FOR 18+ *** Her Twisted Pleasures is a book that is so dam steamy it will leave you breathless! From the opening scene right to the very end you are left feeling like you watched something you were not supposed to be watching. Talia is a women who knows what she wants and she goes after it. She has met Will and even though she did not do the girlfriend thing she decided to..."
Jaylin's World: Dare to Live in It
"A good story to the finale of the Naughty Series Ok, so this book was the finale of all the Naughty series by Brenda Hampton and it didn't fail to excite me. Instead of the book being titled Naughty and a number, the author took a different route and decided to call it Jaylin's World and it fit perfectly with the story. The chapters don't all center on Jaylin, but the characters do and I have got to say, I am going to miss this little journey. I mean, I have read all of the books..."
Another Time, Another Place
"Mirrored Lives by Rique Johnson The book starts off with us having a look at a woman named April who is love with thunderstorms and in love with her husband Virgil. Her sense of intimacy has another notion, though. Even though they have been together for a few years April feels like their sex life has been going downhill. After she confesses this to her husband she goes to the bathroom and finishes what he never started from the looks of it. Then you meet Ariel who is also married and loves her husband and actually..."

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