Editorial Reviews

The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude
"All in all, I would recommend this book and the rest of the Sister Mary Ola series to anyone who can handle laughing at life, seeing the humor in even the most religious locations as it is a ride worth taking again and again. I look forward to seeing more of this very talented authors work."
Rock City II: This Ain't a Love Story
"We come back to the streets of the H and its dirtier than ever. You get introduced to the veterans of this game and are given a more in depth look at some character that were in Rock City One, but didn’t play that huge of role. When I started reading this, I was straight confused because it shows you one scene and then takes me back to the present day. I must say, this book was..."
Zane's Afterburn
"I read this book back in college, but as I was sifting through the books that I wanted to read it again, my mind automatically went to this book. Besides Ashley and Jaquavis, Zane has been my favorite author for a very long time and this book was the first time I read something different in a love story that wasn't linked to the drug game. This book made me believe in love again and had me in..."
Jaylin's World: Dare to Live in It
"A good story to the finale of the Naughty Series Ok, so this book was the finale of all the Naughty series by Brenda Hampton and it didn't fail to excite me. Instead of the book being titled Naughty and a number, the author took a different route and decided to call it Jaylin's World and it fit perfectly with the story. The chapters don't all center on Jaylin, but the characters do and I have got..."
Piltdown Man and Other Hoaxes: A Book about Lies, Legends, and the Search for the Missing Link
"I do believe most people will enjoy this journey into the past and present and it would be an excellent tool for educators; giving way to great discussions in the classroom. All in all, a respectable book of fact. "

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