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Flash story from
Enlightened by Darkness
As Darkness Spreads

By Robert Friedrich
Published by
Robert Friedrich at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 by Robert Friedrich
Cover copyright 2013 by Robert Friedrich
All rights reserved

Life and reality exist but as a fraction of what we actually perceive. If we explore deep
enough, we would witness the true nature of things. No matter how dark they would be.
A woman sits alone in an arm chair inside her small apartment. The TV is on but she pays
no attention. Seemingly nothing can disturb her concentration as she stares at a crack in the wall.
Her left eyeball begins to move rapidly in all matter of directions. Her sudden scream breaks
the trance state she was in. She lifts her hands to cover the eye as she falls from the couch to her
Blood starts to drip on the carpet passing the tiny spaces between her fingers. She pants as
she removes her blood covered hands. More blood drips as her left eye continues to vibrate and
move violently. Suddenly her eyeball rips itself from her skull, dislodging itself from all nerve
connections and floats before her. The shocked woman disbelieves the event as she stares at her
eyeball that is now floating before her.
The organic composition of the floating eyeball begins to disintegrate and fall apart, only to
reveal a small black metallic sphere. As she is trying to focus on with her right eye, the sphere
starts to rotate. While rotating in the air and defying gravity the orb increases its speed more and
more. Escalating speed prompts to generate a low pitched sound. The spinning intensifies till it
begins to emit small fiery sparks. The force which keeps it spinning creates an invisible vortex in
the air.
Small and light objects as paper and hair pins start to float towards that strange swirl. The
force keeps on increasing as the blood from the woman’s wound commence to float towards it as
well. The fiery sparks strengthen both in occurrence and length. The ever increasing speed seems
to be without end. The sound becomes louder as the sparks become bigger. Unexpectedly the
sparks form into fiery lashes and begin to whip the entire surrounding. The TV gets sliced in
half; the walls start to show burn marks, she is marked by deep lacerations on her face and body.
More and more of her blood floats towards the orb which lashes everything in its
surrounding. The woman tries to run but gets lashed over and over at her feet and back. She falls
a few steps from where she was as her couch gets sliced to pieces. Tears from her right eye float
towards the sphere and mix with the blood while it spins.
The sphere manages to stop its spin in an instant, and just floats there. The absence of sound
induces an almost tangible fear. Loud pitched sound kills the silence, shrieking and echoing all
around. Sparks burst in all directions preceding and explosion of immense force. The force
obliterates everything inside the apartment, only the walls, windows and doors remain
unaffected. The apartment remains intact; but empty and hollow.
Even the crack in the wall endures as complete silence fills the empty apartment. Right
before another scream echoes from the neighboring apartment.
The End
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