Brooklyn Kink: To Sandy With Love
I live on the fourth floor of an overpriced pre-war building one block from the Atlantic Ocean. I love the sea. On Saturday, as I had done almost every day for the past three months, I went into the ocean at Brighton Beach. The temperature was sixty-three degrees inside and outside on the shore. I gazed with love at my ocean. I feel it even healed ...
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About Me
Hi, I live in the beautiful state of Alaska with my family where the spirits of animals and men roam free. I am married to a wonderful man and we have three children and we used to foster girls which brought us lots of joy. I am currently a full-time college student and I write inspirational poetry. I have published two books so far. Titles are: 1
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Shoot to Stop or Kill....
It’s no surprise that the Philadelphia police use excessive force to subdue and arrest a man or young adult considered to be a suspect of a crime committed.  We see it on the local news and read about it in the newspapers all the time. The year of 2013 displayed many examples of the “shoot first, ask questions later” term. It was also a year o
Incarcerated Child... Nothing to Live For
I grew up with one of the longest wish list in the world and never received a single thing on it. In elementary and junior high school I was the class clown without telling a single joke. I was ashamed, embarrassed and hurt by the way I was forced to accept this type of abuse. The girls in my classes weren't interested at all and out of t
The reality is we must understand that those who entertain us do live real lives. Their choice to be entertainers or provide entertainment is the same as our choice to work, have a profession, or be an entrepreneur. I'm not understanding why "we", those that choose or don't choose a movie, television show, book or live performances become critiques
Making the Holiday a Season of Thanks
  With the Holiday Season approaching, there are those who will find this time of year stressful, bitter sweet, but a reason to come together with family and friends.I offer this challenge. I find that posting an inspirational quote erases the stress, teases my emotions, and often leaves me uplifted. So for this week, as we approach the Thanks
Just A Thought- Where's the Answer
Just A Thought- Travel time- 14 hours gives you time to think.... my mind kept circling around our society issues. Drugs, violence and guns... the lack of morals and respect from our youth to the adults..... the increase of mental health issues....economic dilemmas....and so much more. Normally I would write when these things cross my mind.... writ
A waste of time...
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Charter Service Never AGAIN!!!
Good morning I’ve not had internet in 5 days and every thing in my house works off internet. My cell phone and house phone is magic jack wifi only (everything)! I call my provider and I was told my services where due for payment but not out for disconnect they’ll see what they can do mean while I should see what I could do about a payment for $112
Just A Thought- National Tears
On this day of National Remembrance while reflecting on the past we need embrace today. Without the politics, the government input, and allegiance each of us live in neighborhoods that cry for change. It is a National cry..... it is no longer in small parts of the states or certain sections of the cities..... our Nation is crying. While reflecting
Is there such a thing as too much Knowledge?
Is there such a thing as to much knowledge? Last night as I laid next to my husband I found myself pondering this very question. It all started when he joined me in the room. He sat in bed next to me remote in hand. “What are you reading?” he asked“A book on Option Trading” I answered“Why?”“Well,” I said “I want to learn more about what we are doin
Dishing out the dirt on an old Afrikan dish.
Oana, if you love doughnuts then let me take you to the motherland. Recently my kids grandmother and I was looking through the cupboards for a crock pot to deep fry some chickens when she introduced me to some of her old cook books. At first I knocked them because these where cookbooks her church published. I'm a member of the Nation of Gods and Ea
A Reflection on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Shaping Young Minds: Civil rights leaders, freedom riders, bus boycotts, voter registrations, lunch counter sit ins, non-violent protests, speeches, and famous marches are all things that may instantly come to mind when you sit and reflect on the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Perhaps his Letters From a Birmingham Jail, my hometown, which helped inspire a full on civil rights movement sticks out in your mind. Or is it the famous March on Washington and subsequent "​I Have a Dream"​ speech that are highlights of his life for you?
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