Interchanging Poetry, A New Poetic Genre
Interchanging Poetry, A New Poetic GenreBy Mac McGovern Poetry is the absolute beauty of the human heart expressing emotion in a form that delights, and leaves the reader with a feeling of contentment in one spectrum, and a feeling of remorse in another. No other form of writing has the ability and power to inspire the emotion created through poetr
A True wisdom is the Ability to Turn Mountain of Experiences into endless Possibilities.
A True wisdom is the Ability to Turn Mountain of Experiences into endless Possibilities For intelligent people among us, there is always a prospect for the future, because they have the answers to almost every question and able to see future possibilities in everything.They are not afraid to get dirty hands and always use their free time to try som
"Cry Me Freedom"
"Cry Me Freedom" Beautiful faces wrecked with pain.... The pain of being stripped of the pride that carries the head high..... The pain that weakens the once strong voice that would shout across the land for this I stand.....The pain that closes the bright eyes that were open wide...... The same eyes to witness evil lurking behind sheets and fire r
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I chose to be like me because I chose not to be like you... You know who I’m talking to and, why I’m talking too... They say that without you there would be no me... I say that without you, here I stand nigga, all of me... A father, a dad, a friend, a man… that’s my pedigree... A gangster! Naw, that’s what I used to be... Abusive and violent, negat
Life Is A Long Road
Watching you leave, is so hard to do, you are a friend to me & me to youFlowers, cannot replace who you are, they're a tribute, to your life, so farThe ones that I see, are so very few, compared to the life, I know of youA garden is needed, to tell how I feel, of your life, here is the deal The soil that's used, to plant & sow, just like th
Natures Way
Wind blows across the field There is nothing that can shield Stalks of wheat from swaying Just their roots keep them staying Firmly planted in the ground From the turmoil all around The husks grip with endeavour Will this chaos last forever Then the sudden flash above Spreading over like a glove Each finger touches so Shock of lightening they know
The Ladder
Think of the life we live as a ladder To be who we’re mean’t to be & do what we’re mean’t to do We have to get all the way to the top Each rung is a different experience or lesson But along life’s way there are many set-backs These set-backs cause us to go down the ladder instead of up Sometimes we may fall off the ladder completely Which then
Adventure in the forest
It dawned.The sun was leavingits heavenly bedroom.Mighty hunter Agyareturned to the home.He hunted in vainall night in the forest.He was very tired and disappointed.Near the old cedar-treeAgya noticedsome strange creature of the underworldwho looked like hairless horned apewith bat wings.Horror embraced his heart.His body began to tremble.With big
"Love, Color Me Free"
"Love, Color Me Free" If I were an artist and all the colors of the rainbow were arranged on my pallet, there still would not be enough shades to paint the beauty within you.... The beautiful variations of red when passion reaches beyond surface limitations.... The amazing deep plums when our romantic rendezvous flow into the soft silky happiness o
Rise like the Phoenix from the burning flames! Rise like the mountain tops reaching for the sky! Though a few may wish in envy for your fail, the voices of many scream you prevail! In this world where nothing is perfect or truly guaranteed, street soldiers die over material greed.... It is time for you to rise like the queen or king you were born t
Quiet the voice of the hurtful... Hide those sounds of words that hurt with or without determined purpose.... Silence those painful words that leave emotional scars for years to come.... Scars that mold the steps that will be taken or missed in this life journey.... Scars that create the personality of the spirit raising and molding the future....
Can you hear the voices of the young people shouting out? Yelling, screaming "where is my way out?" In these, the days of no time, there is not a lot for them to do so they turn to crime.... Making games of terror and strife, hurts upon hurt with the grand prize of taking a life.... It is sad to see the state we are in, when life so precious has be
"The Eyes That Weep"
"The Eyes That Weep" Eyes fill with tears listening to the many voices, the reverberation of a nation"Save him, save him".... Ill doings from the past thought laid to rest creeping to the present choking out another breath... One murder leaving a family to mourn, another life traded leaving the lawtorn.... Lies upon lies sealing the deal, leaving t
The road to happiness is healing The road to life is breathing The road to clearity is seeing The road to change is finding you Becoming More Then Just A Shell is knowing the truth
"Echo" Echoes from a beautiful memory offer flirtatious melody to the sounds heard by the broken heart.... Slowly the sound is translated into his sweet words of encouragement, leading the willing heart down a road brightly illuminated with the essence of hischarm...... The melodies from those echoes tenderly caress the spirit now roaming free in t
"Beautiful" Light breaking through the dark like the morning sun peeking through the end of night..... Slowly the dawn appears bursting brilliant colors across heavens sky.... Eyes open gracefully to a brand new day filled with a happiness felt deep..... Absorbing the warm glow of sunshine, watching as the world becomes His pallet... The morning ai
Flow by Flow, Line by Line
"Flow by Flow, Line by Line" Stunned by the way your words pierce deep into me.... My thoughts forever changed byyour intellect,Wise words flowing I cannotforget..... Who is this you may ask am Idescribing,A majestic man who keeps my heart climbing..... Rising above any misinterpretation,your eyes are the light guidingmy enchanted destination.....
"Waiting....." Time standing still as the heart transcends to a new level... Accepting the reality of what once was to allow the cautious fantasy to move away from the dream state.... Patiently standing still as the storm begins to subside.... Waves, now calm, no longer crashing against the shores of the unsure... Winds of change no longer guiding
Cry Me Freedom
"Cry Me Freedom" Beautiful faces wrecked withpain.... The pain of being stripped ofthe pride that carries the headhigh..... The pain that weakens the oncestrong voice that would shoutacross the land for this Istand..... The pain that closes the brighteyes that were open wide...... The same eyes to witness evillurking behind sheets and fireriding th
Entertaining the 21st floor With passion burning inside, we couldn't make it to our hotel room door It started in the elevator With each taste, the other was hungry for more Kiss after kiss Lips to my lips Hands wondering all over my hips Placing them firmly on my butt cheek Exploring the size makes your knees weak As we pause for a moment Your eye
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