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Interchanging Poetry, A New Poetic Genre

Interchanging Poetry, A New Poetic GenreBy Mac McGovern Poetry is the absolute beauty of the human heart expressing emotion in a form that delights, and leaves the reader with a feeling of contentment in one spectrum, and a feeling of remorse in another. No other form of writing has the ability and power to inspire the emotion created through poetry. There are more than sixty different popular forms of poetry commonly used today. Many forms from the Old World, have been Americanized to suit the American style for writing. Interchanging Poetry is a narrative combining poetry with discussion, debate, dialog, or description; using the poetry to emphasize the narrative. It is a new form of poetry developing interchanging literary devices to enhance poetic discourse. Generally, writers will incorporate a poem into their article, publication, or book to make a point or site as a reference. This is common practice giving the...

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© Mac McGovern

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A True wisdom is the Ability to Turn Mountain of Experiences into endless Possibilities.

A True wisdom is the Ability to Turn Mountain of Experiences into endless Possibilities For intelligent people among us, there is always a prospect for the future, because they have the answers to almost every question and able to see future possibilities in everything.They are not afraid to get dirty hands and always use their free time to try something new.Everyone have their experience in a particular field, but a person with true wisdom knows how to use it in the best possible way .There are people with various experiences in a different area, but if they do not fully utilize it in the perfect situation or timing then they will lost their chance eventually.Some things are too complicated for us to have an extensive knowledge on it, we may have our experience about certain subjects, but that is just not good enough to make it complete.In order not to lose...

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Today's News

I chose to be like me because I chose not to be like you... You know who I’m talking to and, why I’m talking too... They say that without you there would be no me... I say that without you, here I stand nigga, all of me... A father, a dad, a friend, a man… that’s my pedigree... A gangster! Naw, that’s what I used to be... Abusive and violent, negative and wild... Living as a savage, dirty and foul... I learned how to treat a woman by administering pain... Lying, cheating, never stealing but driving them insane... Using this penetration tool as a weapon to seek and destroy... Killing that poo nanny, Killing that poo nanny, Killing that poo nanny… Been doing that shit since I was a boy... Had no clue, no awareness, no preparation, and no idea of what life had in store... But you knew from day...

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"Cry Me Freedom"

"Cry Me Freedom" Beautiful faces wrecked with pain.... The pain of being stripped of the pride that carries the head high..... The pain that weakens the once strong voice that would shout across the land for this I stand.....The pain that closes the bright eyes that were open wide...... The same eyes to witness evil lurking behind sheets and fire riding through quiet streets....The same eyes to view men, women, boys, and girls stripped of the right to live free...... The pain stretches beyond the limits of what the eye can see, moving the soul in places deep.... Rising frustration now screaming this word from city roof tops and open roads through valleys with no paved streets "Freedom" Tears now flowing in bitter relief, as the caged emotion is allowed release...... Slowly the once broken spirit captures a new breath of life..... The back once bowed in misery, now upright as...

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Natures Way

Wind blows across the field There is nothing that can shield Stalks of wheat from swaying Just their roots keep them staying Firmly planted in the ground From the turmoil all around The husks grip with endeavour Will this chaos last forever Then the sudden flash above Spreading over like a glove Each finger touches so Shock of lightening they know Some will shrivel from the blow As they burst in flame & glow Then they just are embers left The farmer he will be bereft The crop that he so gently sowed To pay the debts that are owed So he'll have to toil some more As he did those times before An act of God some may say But it's only natures way     Copyright © William Gregory 2012   Inspired by the painting Lightning Storm Across A Texas Wheat Field (c)G.Abbey aka Nightowl 2011 All Rights...

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