Mahogany Keys: The Complex Image of the African American Man.Part 3.The Black Man as a Protector
   The Black Man as a Protector                                                                                    Pretend you are walking towards home or towards a store entrance and you walk past an African American male. How many of you assume that he must be a bad man seeking to harm you rather than someone who could save your life? Sadly, most
A failed system, or is it?
    Above is a picture of Frederico Bruno, he is accused of pushing his ex-girlfriend and 3 month old child out of a window three stories high.  He climbs down from the same window, finds a metal bar stool leg and beats her with it as she is lying on top of the 3 month old baby who broke her fall to a concrete ground.  Read that over again.  Take a
Necessary Roughness
Softly your hands move over my body Softly your thoughts move over my soul Harshly and mercilessly your body crushes the physical Me Harshly and mercilessly your thoughts crush the immaterial Me There is blood. And also lots of pleasure The more blood, the more and deeper the pleasure The more brutality, the more and deeper the realness The more te