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A failed system, or is it?

    Above is a picture of Frederico Bruno, he is accused of pushing his ex-girlfriend and 3 month old child out of a window three stories high.  He climbs down from the same window, finds a metal bar stool leg and beats her with it as she is lying on top of the 3 month old baby who broke her fall to a concrete ground.  Read that over again.  Take a deep breath.  Now who is the blame for this type of violence?  Before you go any further, let me add this too...the widow also had an air conditioner installed in it.  For real!  Who do you blame for this type of violence?  Violence has such a profound meaning.  It sure can sway any jury.  Oh did I tell you, he sliced up the victim's friend who attempted to call the police.  Yes sir!  He left them all for dead.  Sad ain't it, or is it?  What if I told you crimes like these are good for business?  Business?!  

     Yeah, business.  You know the means of support through the practice of making a living by engaging in commerce or a trade considered in terms of its volume or profitability.   They even advertise for it on television and all kinds of media.  It's called "the news".  At this point some of y'all reading this are probably thinking "Wow this guy is an asshole for making fun of a (story) like this!  You know what?  Somebody needs to push him out of a window, then beat him with a stick!"  Thank you, you guys are too kind.  I'm just saying, this ain't no new issue.  I've seen much more worse growing up in the street of New Orleans during the crack epidemic.  Sad part is most Americans were so illiterate, they believed it to be an epidemic.  Some even thought that it was genocide.  It wasn't.  Just like this "event" with my main man Bruno, it's all about probability & it's part of commerce in America.  Those rights people so happily talk about from the constitution is just another way for the crooked to stay crooked.  If America was really serious about crimes like other countries, you wouldn't have crime.  It's that simple.  

    But in America, criminality is big business and you pay for it.  

    This country has more prisons than any country in the world.  The US has 35% of the world's prison population.  This study was done in 2006 and 2009.  I can imagine what it maybe today.  Well it makes sense seeing how this country promotes and trains their citizens for criminality.  Cartoons are extremely violent with a happy endings.  Minority children are trained to worship European looking toys.  The US openly addresses teaching Black children their history once a year in school.  Spanish people are just as illiterate they think what they do to Blacks is good enough so they want the same!  But you can't name one all Black or Spanish state in America.  But you can find a prison in every state in America.  The smaller states have the most!  Ain't that some sh!t!  Like I said before, it's big business here.  But it's amazing how drug trafficking, grand theft, mass murder, kidnapping, rape, and sedition or invasions were the main ingredients for building this country.  You know that "event" called the African Diaspora?  See you can't call it a crime if the persons who committed it rule the world.       

     Now prisons pop up like fast food franchises.  If your city has more prisons than McDonald's you got problems.  McDonald's have that sign "Over 1 million sold" over their buildings.  Guess how many criminals eat at McDonald's?  What's the chance of you becoming a criminal in America?  Chances are you're one and don't even know it.  What's the difference between a criminal and an offender?  They're the same.  If you have been punished for anything and have been processed through the criminal justice system, you're a criminal.  Whether it was a parking ticket or 10 counts of murder you're a criminal by definition and law.  So how do you keep it where crimes are continuing to be committed, penalties and fines are paid, and no one has any problems with it?  You change the "status" of the offense.  People with the right support can change the "status" to fit anytime or anybody.  Remember the Diaspora?  Who committed it and did not get charged?  Not everybody goes to jail.  Who else is going to pay for it?  It's bad for business.  

    Eurocentrism works for only Europeans worldwide.  Wake up people!  I'm not a racist person but I'm not a stupid one either.  You know Dr. John Henrik Clarke said "There are no such words for prisons in the African language, Africa didn't have a use for something that barely existed".  He told people to never trust his word and go research it for themselves.  He's right.  Prisons were built in Africa during the late 19th/ early 20th century behind European conquest.  That's fact!   It's true that crimes in Africa are told like folk tales and past down through history.  Executions did happen but every 160 yrs.  I found it hard to believe until I started studying Nile Valley Cultures and Traditions.  Let me tell y'all, it's factual.  So how did it get from no prisons to the Prison Industrial Complex?  Simple.  You change the status of customs to fit the demands of the business, change the status of the individual fit for the demand, you train the individual to committed these "customs" to a select range of people and provide discriminating support to the areas of people to maintain and refine the products or customs.  Sounds like America to me.  Let's try a little Afrocentrism, just a little.  I guarantee half the worlds problem will go away or move back to Europe.  Peace.  




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