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Still Cooning: If the Real Jim Crow would have known then

Still Cooning: If the Real Jim Crow would have known then

     I ain't gone lie, that Leslie Jones bit on SNL was hilarious!  Seriously, that shit was funny as hell and well performed but most important...truthful.  Be that as it may, it was still COONING.  What's so sad about it is that it still shows and proves that my people still have not got it together.  We still are a "broken-in" people whose future seems to be obviously the cause of the next amendment to be repealed which is the 13th. Every damn time, seems like it'll never change or at least get better.  This brings me to the question; what would the real Jim Crow would have done to Thomas Rice if he'd known this would be his legacy.  I believe it's safe to say he would have killed Rice.  Can you blame him?

     Yes, Jim Crow was a real brotha who grew up in New Orleans LA and was sold quite a few times.  He ended up in Louisville KY where he worked as a stable hand in his late 60 early 70's.  Jim Crow got his limp and shoulder injury for being flogged, beaten and chained.  He's part of the Louisiana plantation tradition called the Dirty Dozens.  This is the origin of Rap not Hip-Hop.  Hip-Hop was created by DJ Kool Herc Nov. 12 1972 in South Bronx NY.  Rap was not an element of Hip-Hip until 1975.  It was created in New Orleans (Congo Square) the year 1720 from runaway slaves who were sold as 12 for the price of one.  Slaves back then wanted peace on the plantations, so did their masters.  They came up with an agreement that allowed slaves to have a week off at the end of the month.  This is how you got all that good music and great food from my hometown.  

     Now back to Jim Crow, he learned the dozens because he was always the subject of it from other slaves.  Over the years, he made it his moniker then gave it a "colorful" meaning, "My name is Jim Crow because I'm Black as a crow they tell me".   Here it is Louisville Kentucky 1828 and Jim is now working and he meets Thomas Rice, (this where the creation of the American Entertainment Industry starts).  Thomas Rice was some Albion with some corny-ass, old, weak performances of the old country, England.  That's where minstrels came from.  He sees Jim and two other slaves performing for the kids and locals in Louisville.  Rice was intrigued and begged Jim Crow to teach him the routine.  Jim was shocked on why some young Albion would want to perform on stage like "some dumb old Nigga".  Jim even asked Rice that too!  Rice paid Jim's master so Jim was forced to teach Rice our culture.  It's not a glorious culture like that of Taa Me Ra of Kemet, but slave culture is mine also and it saved a lot of lives.  Apparently slavery is the only culture Albions want us to maintain and know.  

     This is what Jim taught Thomas Rice:

  • Rap, how to get info on someone and used it for amusement with Rhyme n Reason (Jump the Jim Crow Song)
  • How to pick on someone from the crowd and crack jokes on them
  • Dance, how to buck dance 
  • How to play the wash board and fiddle
  • How to dress like well... a nigga
  • How slaves looked for justice and freedom

      Thomas Rice performed this show and became an instant classic, why?  No slave could get on stage and embarrasse so-called "white" people in the south and LIVE to tell about it.  Rice knew it too.  He's from New York City.  He knows the game.  Rice is now known as the father of the Entertainment in America and became extremely wealthy while Jim Crow is known as the father of Cooning.  

      Jim Crow pioneered this:

  • First Pop Song Sold as Sheet Music 
  • First Pop Dance
  • First Rap song to go mainstream (it was only on plantations)
  • Stand Up Comedy
  • First Stooge
  • Created mainstream entertainment post British Wars
  • The American Music Industry is formed

     Thomas Rice didn't have the decency to buy Jim's freedom.  Now this brotha is remembered as this, but nobody laughs at or makes fun of Thomas Rice.  To make matters worse, the brotha got to be the identity of racial injustice. Never got a penny or anything! This is some what how the American Music Industry operates currently.  Look at Rap during Rice's time and today and how reverted back.  Greedy negative racism from others with the lack of knowledge of self from my people caused this to happen.  It's fact.  Look at how my people are paid to perform in film and television today.  

     SNL easily could have made the decision not to let Leslie perform or produced the skit but they did NOT.  People say it's satire.  BULLSHIT!  It's Cooning.  Why?  Leslie and the two other sistas ( as I was told) proved they did some research and they chose only to reference the African Diaspora.  That was a serious crime.  So why not the Queen Charlotte?  The city in this country named after a sista.  Why not Scotland?  Yes another sista "Scota".  Or how about some of the Queens from the 31 Dynastic periods of Kemet?  That SNL skit was funny but at what cost?  This is how I explained that skit to my child who looks just like Leslie.  So the only thing we can reflect our history on is slavery?  Now you see who pays the price.  I don't see Dave Chappelle wearing a dress and characters like Uncle Ruckas constantly get their asses "whipped"!  Like I said, I know Jim Crow would have killed Rice for so many reasons, mainly because he was forced.  Ironically, Nat Turner's rebellion was 2 years later.  Think about it.  Check the FACTS.  Peace.  










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