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Donald Sterling, "The Come Up". The Price of Class at the Cost of Stupidity!

Donald Sterling, "The Come Up".  The Price of Class at the Cost of Stupidity!

     My man Donald Sterling has completed one of the slickest "Come Ups" in the 21st century.  Yes sir!  Gotta admit playa, you did your thang and I ain't mad at ya.  

     Yes I'm back!  Now can a brotha write this damn article, please?!   Sheesh!  

     Yo, Donald Sterling stands to make a huge profit for getting rid of a garbage-ass NBA team so smooth, y'all fell for the okey-doke.  Not me though!  He paid 12.5 million for the team in 1981 now the offer for a "mandatory" selling and purchase of the team is an estimated 680 million dollars!  After all the dust settles down from all the backlash and rants from the fans and players this dude will make a 667 million dollar flip! That's what's up!  Y'all think y'all did something especially you negroes.  I know Bernard Madoff is calling Donald Sterling right now congratulating him on the move.  I would.  I wonder if Donald Sterling planned this whole thing from jump street.  Come on dawg?  That sista he was dating she knew what she was doing and the Jew knew too.  AZ said it best, "It's ferocious when broke Niggaz get focus"!  Reminds me of "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews" a really great book.  

Here's "The Come Up"

  • Dude is a known Jew who deals in real-estate.
  • He has a long reported history of discrimination.
  • He's not a racist.***  If he is, then so are the rest of the owners in the NBA (including Jordan).
  • In a Republic, there is no racial status just class status.  READ THE CONSTITUTION. Look for the amendments on Black and White "people", good luck.  Then define a black "people" and define a white "people" according to any federal law that governs this country.  
  • Class status is what people claim and is awarded.  
  • Sterling dates a sista and who just so happens to record the conversation after a picture with Erving Johnson?  
  • Then she covers hear face in public, why?  What do you have to hide if it's true that Sterling is racist?  Elgin Baylor don't and he worked for Sterling over 20 years.  
  • This recording is released when the Clippers get into the play-offs.  In real-estate that's called "Staging".  You know after you fix up the crib and put new furniture in it you show it off to potential buyers.  
  • Then this new commissioner "immediately" gives him a LIFETIME ban from the NBA plus a 2.5 million dollar fine but I believe it's a fee.  So where's the money from the fine going and how is it spent?  If the players and coaches don't get fined the NBA goes broke?  THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!  
  • Elgin Baylor filed a lawsuit claiming Sterling wanted a plantation style organization with poor southern "black" boys and a white coach.  You got no salary raises with over 20 yrs of employment because you didn't follow directions...nigga please!  All you had to do was conduct simple background checks and guess what?  Donald Sterling would have been hailed a Saint for giving convicted felons a job!  Goddamn!  Did you tell the NBA the very first time when thought it was a negative racist "order"?  No, you waited and did what you were told to do.  That's a bitch nigga move, Elgin.  
  • In the end, you can't call him racist when hear the whole conversation.  


     Now my question is what in the hell is a Black PEOPLE!  I know what a Black PERSON is but you do know one of them does not exist.  After listening to the recorded conversation, I didn't hear Sterling say Black PERSON(S), he said people.  You do know there is no law stating you can or can't discriminate against a fictitious "people".  And he said don't bring him (Magic Johnson) to any of his games.  Don't Magic Johnson own part of the Lakers?  Could it be just a rivalry?  Sterling didn't sound no way like a negative racist to me.  Maybe just maybe Sterling meant a class of people.  

     Black is a class status, so is white.  Black is second class status.  So why would anyone from a first class status claim a second status and have the NERVE to get mad at other people who discriminate against them?  Now guess what?  All sex offenders should not have to register.  Felons should bear arms.  Those are second class citizens!  Black means to bleach or to pale, or to loose like a minority but in a democracy minorities are suppose to loose.  It's a damn minority.  Why would you claim to be a LOSER!  

     A while ago I wrote an article about Paula Dean with a standard "abridged" definition of the word Black.  I should have used an etymological definition of Black.  That's my fault.  I'm man enough stand by my word.  People say and do dumb things.  Noble Drew Ali said that we are not Negro, Colored, Niggers, Niggas and most importantly BLACK.  He's right 100%.  We didn't start claiming to be Black until during and after Reconstruction.  Second Class Citizens can't hold public offices.  That's the #1 reason it failed for my people.  We got played.  Even Marcus Garvey said it!  Why you think he was trying to get us to leave here in the first place!  You ever noticed why Albions never mention these brothas?  At least Noble Drew Ali tried to get us to claim a legally correct status that we had before they took away the Fezzes.  

    Donald Sterling is about to cash in on a practice Jews pioneered.  He accomplished it on the pride and stupidity of people...if it's all true.  The NBA and their owners know it.  I hope I'm wrong and I hope to see him fight and win it. That's his team that's his business.   The man does have the right to say what he wants, sheesh.   If the NBA claims not to be racist or prejudice then how come I've never heard them mention the Olmecs who created basketball, football and soccer from their culture.  That's 4,000 years ago.  What's so sad is y'all didn't even know it.  Game recognize game.  The NBA just REFUSES to recognize the history of my people.  My man Donald!  Peace.


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