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The Right Thing To Do

The Right Thing To Do



The "Right" Thing to Do.
Part 1

     Yo, for the past 8 months the frequency of so-called police brutality incidences in this country has become very alarming.  Young men and women are getting beat up while the old men and women are getting abused.  What's even more disturbing is violent crime is still the highest form of crime in this country.  You got more people afraid of the po-po than Ebola outbreaks!  Damn!  You would think after all this "publicity" law enforcement officials are receiving in public view it would cause some type of civil unrest.  It's like the law enforcement departments in this country secretly declared a war on its citizens.  Really though!  C'mon yo!  Look at Baltimore City Police officer Vincent Cosom, that dude sucker punched Kollin Truss!  Have you seen the footage!  But guess what?  It's NOT police brutality.  Yeah I'm saying it!  Here it is in black and white.  That was NOT police brutality at all.  Ok how about the public homicide of Anthony Anderson?  The man was kidnapped by a Baltimore City drug unit known as the "Knockers".  Those officers planted drugs on Anderson, beat him, broke his neck (killing him instantly) and placed illegal drugs in his mouth to make it seem like he overdosed.  Now I have never witnessed a muthafucka chemically overdosing from an asswhippin'. I'm just saying Rodney King was high as an eagle's ass when he got his asswhippin' but the dope saved him. Anyway, those officers were never changed and were awarded for their actions (well Cosom was charged not the two Albion officers though).  Still, it wasn't police brutality.  What about Jamar Kennedy?  Was that police brutality?  No. Or last but not least, Mike Brown?  Santiago Hernandez, Eric Gardner, a visibly pregnant Sandra Amezquita, Marlene Pinnock and the so-called list goes on and on?  If you watched the footage you clearly see that those individuals had an opportunity to cooperate with the police whereas any justifiable force because of "resisting" is well...justifiable.  Still it's an assault.  Assault is Assault, hands down.  Assault maybe used to stop a threat to insure public safety is justifiable.  It's true and 100% LEGAL.  Yeah, you voted for it and now you're paying for it. Deal with it. Challenge me on it.

     Now Cassandra Feuerstein is different. Absolutely! She is a victim of police brutality under the 8th Amendment of the Constitution. Why? It's real simple. She was in full custody of the police! Arrested, booked, Miranda addressed to her, the whole 9!  The 8th Amendment does not start after you get sentenced. It starts the moment you are arrested until the day of acquittal or the last day of your sentence.  Look at Victor White of my home state of Louisiana.  He was shot and killed while handcuffed in the back of a police car. Another case is Oscar Grant, he was placed "under arrest" by Officer Mehserle.  Even though Grant was not handcuffed he was told that he was "under arrest".  If you are detained, restrained and cuffed before you're told you are under arrest by anyone who does not identify themselves as having the authority to arrest, that's considered kidnapping by law which is a capitol offense. OJ Simpson or the Blue Light Bandits!  It's also a violation of USC Title 18:241-242 which is a felony.  Now you see why so many cases of so-called police brutality is  I know you guys are probably thinking "This Uncle Tom-ass, cock-eyed coon mammy muthafucka needs his ass beaten by a damn cop. Then his dumb-ass will shut the fuck up!"  You guys are too kind, bless y'all loving hearts. Anyway, this is the type of information most people don't know.  Here's the two basic things you need to know if you are confronted by any law enforcement official (I should know, I was a police officer).

     First of all, do you guys know what's the "only" purpose of any police department?  See, I tell y'all all the time illiteracy is a dangerous condition. The police department is a department for debt collection and an assurance/insurance agency for the "protection and servitude" of property and its owners in a municipality.  When you call the police to report a crime you do know you're going into a contractual agreement by requesting their services?  Yes, it's a real fact. Residents of a municipality are obligated to obey all "CODES" of conduct.  You don't break a law, it's impossible!  You violate a code. These codes carry a fine and or time in jail so you don't fuck up the commercial process of a functioning municipality!  It's not their job to prevent crime, that's your obligation when you reside in the municipality. It's their job to assure/insure that due process is performed when a "STATUS" offense has occurred. It's just that simple. Damn!  This has absolutely nothing to do with ethnic negative racism when practiced equitably. Ethnic Negative racism occurs when ethnic negative racists use the system to protect and serve negative racists of that same or anointed ethnic. That's fact!

Two basic things

Jurisdiction: the right to speak, and where!
     This is the #1 cause of assaults by police. Police has two statuses in any domain while you have only one.  Meaning they have the power to "communicate" to you whether you like it or not. They will demand or request anything of you because you're in their jurisdiction (place where they have to work to maintain public safety).  Any public domain they got power, just accept it.  The worst thing to do is invoke the Right to Free Speech or any right.  Don't get mad at them, it's called due process. That's a tricky process (two types of laws). They know it too.  Now here is simple way of understanding how these powers work in any municipality:

Detain: to keep someone from proceeding. Cops are going to hate me for this one.  Why?  You can detain them too!  Yes! If a uniformed officer detains you for a "Stop N Fisk" you do know you can stop and frisk them in return.  Now I wouldn't try this but it's true.  Police officers are required by law to provide you with 3 types of information of who they are at anytime they detain you. That's color of Law. The uniform, badge, and official job ID card are those three. Now if an officer does not provide with you any of those items while attempting to detain you, simply ask them why are you being detained. If they say yes they must identify themselves and site the reason for detaining you.  If they choose not to fully identify themselves and most WILL NOT then request a supervisor or walk away.  Make sure you let them know first. Now let's say they oblige to your request, you must do the same. That's where all hell breaks loose.  Best case is Santiago Fernandez!  This brotha got attacked and kidnapped after he obliged to the stop and frisk.  He asked why he was detained then the officer cuffed him, so him defending himself is not resisting at all and it's not police brutality. It's assault and kidnapping for starters! Remember a person being detained is a mutual situation. Let's say a crime is in progress or being reported, that cop is being detained for the business of the municipality.  If that cop was chilling and you asked him some questions that's him being detained also.  See like I said it goes both ways.  What's so interesting is most cops hate being bothered (doing their job).  If you recorded a cop's conversation it would scare the hell out of you.

Arrest: to seize by legal authority AND take into custody.  Now your due process begins!  Everyone can be arrested but not everyone gets full due process.  Due process only applies to CITIZENS no one else.  Now this is where the real fucked up stuff happens. Y'all think what happens in public view is bad?  Naw bruh!  Behind them bars is an entirely different world. Hence the phrase "Torn out the frame".  That's after the police brutality!  Now ain't that some shit?!  Anyway, here you go through the process of status assessment and get CHARGED.  I told you before it's a debt collection agency.  Remember every crime is theft and property damage from disorderly conduct. Anything from assaults to murder falls under 8th amendment protection for you while in their custody.  People complain about the system being so "screwed up" then stay yo ass out the damn system.  Sheesh!  When people make that complaint I always reply to them "you get what you pay for".   Meaning "Due" Process is owed.  This has absolutely nothing to do with morals at all, then it would be called "Moral" Process.  Back to my point, an arrest is only where and when police brutality happens.  Understand that my peoples and you have to be notified you're are being placed under it.  Real talk. Slaves got detained and returned to owners but slave thieves got arrested and prosecuted. Runaway slaves got punished by their masters. Slave thieves got penalized by Due Process.  You may want to re-read Solomon Northup's case and the Dread Scott Case for starters.

Jurisprudence: The right and knowledge of WHO studies law
     I didn't say who is right to practice justice.  Understand this, police officers are the only public officials with authority to arrest who are not voted in office.  Why?  Remember what I mentioned about property?  They don't give a flying fuck about you or anything else. It ain't their job!  I can't figure out why security guards get paid so little when they get paid to protect people while police don't protect people at all.  The police never did and really not supposed to.  Check the facts.  It's true. Y'all just don't read.  Now my main point is jurisprudence and understanding who's practicing ordinance enforcement. Police officers are trained not educated.  I'll write it again, they are NOT educated, they are trained. Now I know some of you law enforcement officials are reading this and declaring how many college degrees you have and what not, but don't get it twisted you damn sure ain't educated.  If you think you are I challenge you. That so-called degree you got just lets people know you completed a "program" from an institution of higher "learning", dumb-ass.  You can't name one institution of higher education in this country.  Let me get back on my point about jurisprudence, an officer's job is ordinance enforcement.  That's it.  They write you a bill when you don't oblige by the ordinances enforced.  It's the judge's job to see to it that you understand and is properly counseled on your obligations to the municipality the incident occurred in.  It's not so hard.  Police officers don't practice "canon" law.  Simply put, their job is to get you to understand what you did so if it takes an asswhippin or killing (sometimes) to get you situated to get your attention remember you actually paid for it and they damn sure don't care.  When the last time you seen police officers go on strike or protest nationwide against or behind police assaults and police brutally towards citizens?  Muthafucka please!  Jurisprudence means who has the knowledge to practice all forms of theft penalization from disorderly conduct with the vow of a community to that community.

   Why is all of this important? Simple.  Police are not judges nor magistrates.  So don't waste your time treating them like they are even though they'll treat you like they are, they're not.  If you DON'T own the municipality you reside in then don't expect to get treated like you do!  It's that simple!  The first thing an officer asks for is IDENTIFICATION!  It's for a reason! When they see what you are instead of who you are you get treated accordingly.  Best example, in Kennesaw GA a home owner is required to own a gun.  So you if get detained by the cops in that county they are looking for a gun first based on knowing where you reside.  That's old school!  Well, ye olden school but my point is the residents created that rule not mother nature nor the police.  A "Black" person without that knowledge can't understand that.  A Black person don't own a damn thing but problems and wonder why "it" gets treated like "it" does.
     There's only one way for all of this of so-called ill-treatment to disappear It's the very first step in obtaining power.  You don't see other ethnic groups suffering from the same treatment in the same republic you live in, do you?  Why?  Look at the stereotypes attributed to them.  They get teased for being intellectuals and hard workers and you pay them!   Not so funny, huh?  A brotha just saying though!  The biggest downfall for (my) people is (and always was) is "Civil Rights". Don't get me started on that bullshit, that's part 2 of this article in the making.
   I want to finish with this advise.  If you ain't got it like that, then don't act like you do. You'll live a much liberated and healthy life.  If you really don't know your rights, then don't front like you do.  NEVER by all means tell a cop you know your rights!  If you're wrong be grown enough to stand up to it and "PAY" for it.  Police are people too and it irritates them when they have to perform their jobs to a certain degree which is simply being a concierge for the city you reside or visit.  And guess what?  The customer is always right so you can fire them too, you don't know it though.  Power is more than just paying taxes.  Just produce enough revenue in the municipality you own and you don't have to.  That's why it's called DUE Process: owing up to your actions. One thing is for certain, knowledge is always the source of any power.

   To the family of Rumain Brisbon, what happened to him was tragic yet frequent so take the time to really educate yourselves on what is the real understanding of Civil Rights and who it really belongs to, maybe now people will get the knowledge then obtain what power belongs to them instead of giving it away to those who hate them. Check the facts. Kwest Allah, Peace.

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