Finders Keepers?
Honest to a fault, I thought. My little pension was carrying me through, and I NEVER stole a dime, I swear, but now I  feel I may be involved in something very weird.About seven days ago, my pension check came into my Chase account as it usually does at the end of the month through ACH. Along with that, another ACH electronic check was posted....
Interview with Anthony Pathfinder - Author of the Books We Read
Interview with Anthony Pathfinder about the challenges of publishing in today's market About The Author Anthony Pathfinder was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to the United States as a child. A voracious reader, his love of reading subsequently led to his writing a selection of short stories as a teenager. He has published seven novels. He doe...
Interview with Vic Fortezza - Author of the Books We Read
Interview with Vic Fortezza about the challenges of publishing in today's market Vic Fortezza was born in Brooklyn in 1950 to Sicilian immigrants. He has had more than 50 short stories published worldwide. He has five books in print: novels Close to the Edge, Adjustments, Killing, Exchanges, and the story collection A Hitch in Twilight. He was empl...
A Patient in Time: Jojutsu
Along with the rest of my books, A patient in time: Jojutsu is an at times riveting, at others difficult and at still yet others colourful mix of short stories (parables) and frivolousies taken from difficult moments in my life, and ripped to the page for all to see. Also concerns my (beginning) investigations into martial arts on the web. In pursu
A failed system, or is it?
    Above is a picture of Frederico Bruno, he is accused of pushing his ex-girlfriend and 3 month old child out of a window three stories high.  He climbs down from the same window, finds a metal bar stool leg and beats her with it as she is lying on top of the 3 month old baby who broke her fall to a concrete ground.  Read that over again.  Take a
A Menopausal Detective?
PrologueThe accidental killer looked around him, sweat rolling from his hairlinealong his brow in rivulets. His hands scrabbling through the sand and sheep droppings, he tried to find enough loose stones to weigh down the heavy-duty garbage bag in front of him. He swore when knife sharp shards of oyster cut his fingers. In the distance he heard the
Open Book with Envy Red & Q: Touch, Part 1
Q Productions & Author's Info presents: Open Book with Envy Red & Q.  This is the premiere episode of Open Book.  In this episode hosts Envy Red and executive producer Q talk about her novel: Touch.   This is the book that made Envy Red a celebrity.  She has won 5 awards for Touch, and we talk about it in this 2 part int
Working on rewriting and republishing Blood Drain Series 1st book
I had published this first book in the Blood Drain Series. Blood Drain Angel's Story but was lied to and they messed up the book and said it was my fault and would not redo it. so i am working on rewriting it and adding more of the book . to make it better. So i will be looking for a new publisher. and will republish it again and then i will market
Mahogany Keys: The Complex Image of the African American Man.(4) The Black Man as an Artist and Promoter of Literacy
Interview with Anthony Pathfinder – Author, proofreader, poet, reviewer and contributing writer for the Urban Book Source The image of the aggressive-looking African American male, who cannot spell his name, has a limited vocabulary and has trouble keeping a job has become -- sadly! – common in the media. However, there isn’t too much said about th
Hello Ms. Oana,
© 2012 by Oana Some people are to the writers’ community what Jehovah’s Witnesses are to our neighborhoods. They want you to know more about them and they want to be your friends. You don’t. They want you to hear the good news. You don’t. They think their message is important to you. It is not. I have no idea who their “marketing guru” is, but floo
Hi My Name Is......The Art of Pen Names
Aspiring authors always ask "should I use a pen name?" Well I hate to report but there is no magic answer to this age old question. The key is to be memorable. Therefore, you must do what works for you. In my opinion if your name is common, chances are you just may be lost in the sauce of the million other "Danielle's" of the world. Unless of cours