SAGGIN': NIGGAS spelled backwards, but going in the same direction.
Eugenics strikes again...        85% of the public thinks this fashion statement is something new & original...bullshit!  No it's not original and it's part of a far more bigger plan than people do not wish to believe.  A friend on another social site made a post about Men wearing sagging pants and how it disturbs
A failed system, or is it?
    Above is a picture of Frederico Bruno, he is accused of pushing his ex-girlfriend and 3 month old child out of a window three stories high.  He climbs down from the same window, finds a metal bar stool leg and beats her with it as she is lying on top of the 3 month old baby who broke her fall to a concrete ground.  Read that over again.  Take a
A Menopausal Detective?
PrologueThe accidental killer looked around him, sweat rolling from his hairlinealong his brow in rivulets. His hands scrabbling through the sand and sheep droppings, he tried to find enough loose stones to weigh down the heavy-duty garbage bag in front of him. He swore when knife sharp shards of oyster cut his fingers. In the distance he heard the
Dishing out the dirt on an old Afrikan dish.
Oana, if you love doughnuts then let me take you to the motherland. Recently my kids grandmother and I was looking through the cupboards for a crock pot to deep fry some chickens when she introduced me to some of her old cook books. At first I knocked them because these where cookbooks her church published. I'm a member of the Nation of Gods and Ea
Open Book with Envy Red & Q: Touch, Part 1
Q Productions & Author's Info presents: Open Book with Envy Red & Q.  This is the premiere episode of Open Book.  In this episode hosts Envy Red and executive producer Q talk about her novel: Touch.   This is the book that made Envy Red a celebrity.  She has won 5 awards for Touch, and we talk about it in this 2 part int
Open Book with Envy Red & Q: Jaded Part 1
Mental illness, childhood trauma, and serial killer are the terms associated with the character Jade. Get up close and personal with Envy Red as she gives the inside scoop on the mental mayhem she calls "Jaded." FInd out what was the most troubling thing for her to pen in this psychological thriller.  Open Book was started as a forum for autho
Open Book with Envy Red & Q: Michelle Pebbles Caldwell, Photographer P1
Author's Info presents Open Book with Envy Red & Q. This episode we feature Mizz Baltimore Michelle "Pebbles" Caldwell, Photographer. Mizz Pebbles or just Michelle commonly known, is a fan photographer who is coming up on the entertainment scene. Yes, she started as a fan photographer but under the study and guidance of Hip-Hop pioneering legen
Open Book with Envy Red & Q: The Force MD's Relived/Escape From Shaolin part 1
Open Book presents Antoine "Tony" Shaheed Elliott, the man who moved to Shaolin, but wrote "Escape from Shaolin".  He is also the author of the children's book "Spelling Girl".  Mr. Elliott's latest accomplishment is his film in which he wrote and co-produced...The Force MD's Relived.  Very few authors have done what Shaheed has done.   That's writ
Meet Hank Waterman - Excerpt from 'The Wheels Final Turn"
Chapter 4 – Hank Waterman Hank Waterman stood on the sidewalk holding the three-month-old Havanese close to his chest. He scanned the street and noticed Jennie Ford approaching from a few feet away and for an instant considered freeing the young pup until the young girl had passed. Instead, he grasped the squirming dog tighter to his chest. He watched the girls’ slim figure, dressed in white canvas shorts and tight blue t-shirt, pony-tailed black hair flying in the wind as she jogged toward him. Inwardly, his thoughts turned to lust. She might be ‘just a kid’ but that didn’t stop his body from yearning or his groin from aching with desire. Acting the respectable male adult had its difficulties, sexual desire being one of the most challenging to conceal. His weight shifted from left leg to right while he steadied his short wide frame and cast his cold black eyes upon the approaching girl.