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A failed system, or is it?

    Above is a picture of Frederico Bruno, he is accused of pushing his ex-girlfriend and 3 month old child out of a window three stories high.  He climbs down from the same window, finds a metal bar stool leg and beats her with it as she is lying on top of the 3 month old baby who broke her fall to a concrete ground.  Read that over again.  Take a deep breath.  Now who is the blame for this type of violence?  Before you go any further, let me add this too...the widow also had an air conditioner installed in it.  For real!  Who do you blame for this type of violence?  Violence has such a profound meaning.  It sure can sway any jury.  Oh did I tell you, he sliced up the victim's friend who attempted to call the police.  Yes sir!  He left them all for dead....
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