Does trust make you hate or just plain stupid? Part 1
Y'all probably want to know where I get these images from? It's from the same infamous site I chose not to name because I don't get a check from them and they should pay people for the amount of time they spend there. That's another discussion. Is there's something wrong with this photo? I don't believe so. it's pretty accurate "according" to today
A TRIBUTE TO RAY BRADBURY by Salvatore Buttaci
               MARTIAN CHRONICLES (1950) I first met Ray Bradbury in the pages of his book The Illustrated Man way back in 1951. His easy flowing, poetic style of writing science fiction and fantasy hooked me into a love of these genres to this very day. From that book came others throughout the Fabulous Fifties and beyond. They were books I had to
FLASHING MY SHORTS by Salvatore Buttaci A flash of painful remembrance, a memory of a wounded World War II veteran, a tale of Uncle Pete who wasn’t really Uncle Pete at all, and then the darkness of a life once lived in unrestrained laughter.    Encounter    Years of hard drinking had driven him to seed.  He slept under cardboard  on the coldest Ne
Flashes From the Bye-way
They walk the shady paths of the park. He pushes the carriage, which holds their sleeping child. “Have you told your secretary we’re going on vacation?” “Don’t worry about it. Just let me run the office.” He remembers a phone call that must be made. Two weeks later, now alone, she understands. Certainly the secretary had known his plans.
Cron Job Starts