His Wicked Seduction - Book Review
This book starts off with a little rule and newspaper section, but before you decide to put this book down, continue reading it gets better.  You meet this guy named Lucien and he is mad stalking this young lady named Horatia.  I don't know whether it's lust or love but he definitely has a thing for her, but for some reason, he can't have her.  He finally gets a chance to catch up to her and right when you think he gets that chance a carriage comes straight for him causing Lucien to save Horatia's life.  Him and his friend Charles decide to escort her home after the incident.  You also get an explanation of why these gentleman are called the league of rogues, but there is a deeper meaning behind their bond or friendship as well.  Cedric invites the league over after the incident and a reluctant Lucien ends ups going.  After the dinner,  you see some released tension followed by the typical man opening his mouth and saying something really stupid.  Lucien knows what he did was wrong and decides to make it up to her.  Charles catches wind of Lucien being up to something and rather just tell him the truth, Lucien kind of half lies just to get to defend this whole second rule amongst the league.  Charles see right through him, though.
Wicked Design - Book Review
This was actually the first book and the one that I should have been reading before His Wicked Seduction.  So this is how it went down in the beginning.  You meet Emily Parr who is desperate to find a husband on her own so that she can get away from her uncle and the person her uncle  has a debt to, Blankenship.  While riding, she ends up getting kidnapped by the League of Rogues and one of them has a pretty solid reason for doing this.  When Emily comes to she finds herself in a home that is not her own and realizes that she is not going anywhere.  That doesn't stop her from realizing how hard this man can be and also how soft.  What I loved about Godric is that he was very blunt at the same time respectful.  Don't get it twisted he does want her but he's respectful enough to not let it go too far.  Being held in that house does not help Emily, it actually ruins her because of the Leagues reputation. Emily eventually ends up meeting all the Rogues and starts to have turmoil in her mind about how she is going to get out of this situation at the same time she is slightly comfortable around them.  Godric is having a hard time trying to seduce her, but he finds himself wanting as something more than mistress.