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Dishing out the dirt on an old Afrikan dish.

Oana, if you love doughnuts then let me take you to the motherland. Recently my kids grandmother and I was looking through the cupboards for a crock pot to deep fry some chickens when she introduced me to some of her old cook books. At first I knocked them because these where cookbooks her church published. I'm a member of the Nation of Gods and Earths so anything from a Christian church I pay no attention to. Then I continued on reading some of these 19th/20th century recipes to find some nice recipes. Then Nanna (kids grandmother) asked me if I ever had monkey bread. Monkey Bread? That's what I said. Then Nanna went on telling me about this "monkey bread". She told me that her mother made it all the time for holidays and white folks back then loved it to death. I thought it was an European dish but...
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