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Free E-book: Eliminate the Killing

Dear reader,It will not happen everyday that a writer makes his work available to others for free.Nevertheless this is such a moment. I would like to share with you my thriller on illegal organ trade. Did you know that experts estimate that more than ten percent of all organ transplants are being illegally performed nowadays?Short summary:Eliminate the Killing shows that one person can make a difference. Aval learns to take risks in his life, something he never thought he could. Confronted with the dark side of society, he finds a key to the solution.It demonstrates how a worldwide problem, once confronted, with just a small act from you or I, can have far reaching implications when it comes to life and death.You may download this E-book for free from my Google-drive. The link is set for public,so there is no need to log in. The document is in e-pub format and...
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A Menopausal Detective?

PrologueThe accidental killer looked around him, sweat rolling from his hairlinealong his brow in rivulets. His hands scrabbling through the sand and sheep droppings, he tried to find enough loose stones to weigh down the heavy-duty garbage bag in front of him. He swore when knife sharp shards of oyster cut his fingers. In the distance he heard the sound of an approaching car. To his left, a goose honked sleepily.Ever faster he searched for rocks and stones. Away, he had to get as far away as possible, before he was seen!He held his breath when the car passed him, the sheen of headlights seen just above the dyke, and then moving down the narrow road. When he heard an asthmatic cough behind him, he froze. His bowels threatened to loosen and once more he held his breath, pressing his buttocks together. Again the cough, but this time it sounded less...
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Open Book with Envy Red & Q: Jaded Part 1

Mental illness, childhood trauma, and serial killer are the terms associated with the character Jade. Get up close and personal with Envy Red as she gives the inside scoop on the mental mayhem she calls "Jaded." FInd out what was the most troubling thing for her to pen in this psychological thriller.  Open Book was started as a forum for authors and those in the surrounding business to spread the word about what makes the world go around...LITERACY. Join us as we discuss the latest and greatest in the industry and give you and your business an open platform to chop it up.  
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