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The Right Thing To Do, Part 2

Peace.      Yo, I'm back with part 2 of my blog on the "The Right Thing To Do".  Instead of a brotha writing another article I decided to produce a documentary film on police brutality and due process reform. At first I was going to leave the subject alone.  I put in my 2 cents on how people should conduct themself with the cops but in March of this year I met a sista, Antwynette Houston of Louisville Kentucky.  I read her article on another social media site.  After reading her story I was shocked to find out how serious her case was.  What looked like a local parking infraction turned into an attempted abduction from an off duty Louisville Police officer.  Mrs. Houston suffered a seriously dislocated shoulder injury from the officer.  It's been over a year and she's still in litigations with Louisville Metro Police.      ...
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Paula Deen. Y'all better leave that White lady alone.

     Ok, here we go again.  I already know some of y’all are thinking “Now he going after Paula!”  I’m not at Paula for her for saying Nigga or Nigger.  I wish more people would be literate and “real” about what they feel.  I’m mad at her for apologizing.  If you said it, then you said it.  How come it’s fair other entertainers say it and get away with it?  Am I making an excuse for her, no.  Paula Deen is a victim of Americana.  That’s a word I created in 2005.  It’s defined as an Americanized person.  All this bullsh!t about political correctness has gotta stop, seriously.  That old White lady ain’t no different than anyone who considers themself an American.  What’s an American?  If you can’t answer that then how in the hell y’all gone treat that lady like that?!  You know what’s even funnier?  99% of the...
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Open BooK: The Annual Authors Literary Festival, Part 3

Here it is the last installment of our coverage at the 4th Annual Authors Literary Festival in Richmond VA.
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Who's blowing smoke? Do you still support the story?

Where were you on September 11, 2001? Me? I had just came home from a 6 month Counter Drug Operation deployment in Central and South America. Yes, I was in the military...the navy. I was only home for 2 days and in New Orleans with my first wife buying food for my (step)daughter's birthday party. She was born on September 12, by the way. After the last plane crashed in Virginia I received a call from the government saying my leave was canceled and I was being deployed immediately to New York. My wife panicked in front of the Winn Dixie shoppers as they watched the news of the attack on TV. She was very upset that I had to go after being gone for 6 months. I gave her instructions on what to do if any other attacks occur. What scared me was I trained for the same attacks in...
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