Domestic Violence-The Cure
From The Desk Of Benjamin Janey: I would like to take a moment to personally invite you all to change. My newly released workbook titled, Domestic Violence-The Cure is more than just a book for you to read about cases ad stories pertaining to domestic violence. It is a workbook that consist of many stages and exercises which leads to the cure. Not
Domestic Violence-The Cure stages
Domestic Violence-The Cure is a workbook that will require us to work and set up in three stages. Prevention is to know better. Intervention is to do better. Redemption is to get better. Now which of the three will you deny? Order yours today at
Can We Talk About It?
You are not alone. The exact same thing that are heavy on your mind has been on the mind of others before. Yet, will you let that be a stepping stone or a boulder the weighs you down? The beauty of the internet is that you can reach out to someone. Free yourself to deal with an issue minus the uncomfortableness of actually exposing your personal is
As a child Promise Brown lived the life that every girl in the ghetto would have loved to live. Her parents, Sweet Pea and Biggs, were the head of a fledging drug empire that stretched from coast to coast. They were way passed hood rich but refused to leave the hood—the same place that contributed to their downfall. The hood bred jealousy and envy
"Why Do Men Love Their Cars and Drive The HELL Out of Their Women?"
I've painted quite a revealing picture of the difference between women and men when it comes to how they feel about cars. So don't act like you're surprise when I say that men can love their cars and oftimes drive the HELL out of their women! But why do they? Okay people before I get into this, I would just like to say that I am a guy, that way men
For Mothers' Day
  “Hank.”  What’s wrong now? “Yeah.”  “Your sister.”              “Elena? What about her?” “She’s on the phone.”  “What does she want?”  "Ask her yourself.” Yeah, she’s angry.             Hank picked up the phone. “Hi.” “Did you call Mom?” Elena wasn’t one for small talk. Hank could imagine her in one of those gray business suits she seemed to alwa
LOVE: At what cost?
Some say that love is a four letter word. Some say that love is free and doesn't cost a thing. I say love is more than a four letter word, love is a decision but at what cost? Love is not just a feeling because feelings have a tendency to change. Love is a decision.  You chose to love someone. You chose to love someone even though they have hurt yo
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