About This Group
What is AI Read and Review?
Our AI Read and Review program is designed with authors in mind. Our goal is to help indie and self-published authors promote their books.
How does AI Read and Review work?
The authors who are involved with our AI Read and Review program graciously give out e-copies of their books to be read and reviewed within a specific time period (two weeks). In exchange for that free book, the author receives an honest review of their book.
Who can participate in AI Read and Review?
Anyone can participate in our AI Read and Review program. The more the merrier! All you have to do is join the AI Read and Review group on Author's Info and look for the AI Read and Review program link to sign up either as an author or a reader/reviewer.
AI Read and Review
The fine print… 
By receiving a free e-book to be reviewed, you agree to the following:
- You will read and give an honest review of the book in the given time frame. 
- You will post your review to at least our Author's Info Listing Directory and you may also post to other online book retailers. 
- You will not share this e-book with anyone! It is illegal to share the books you receive for review, so do not do it! 
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