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Are you a poet who thinks you have what it takes? We are creating our own poetry slam right here on Author's Info to be streamed across the world wide web!  To enter: Join the group "The Poetry Cafe" on Authors Info  Post a short video of yourself reciting your original poem by midnight on April 15, 2012 Grand Prize: - A featured spot on Autho ...
  1.   Envy Red
  2.   Wednesday, 28 March 2012
Hello members. I am pleased to see poems being added to the group. However, please be sure to post your poem as a discussion and not a comment. Thanks ...
  1.   Envy Red
  2.   Thursday, 10 February 2011
Members please add your poems to the group as a group discussion so that other members can comment. ...
  1.   Guest
  2.   Friday, 10 December 2010
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