About This Group

This group was founded by Oana, M.Ed, Author of The Healings, and Bianca Fontes, M.Ed.

We are a fun loving growing circle of women who have come to a conclusion that there is a hierarchy when practicing magic.  We come from a place where formal higher education meets ancient family tradition.

Given our educational backgrounds we have the skills and the literary knowledge to translate social behaviors to the original folklore fairytales, superstitions, legends, ballads, and mythology .

Our growing circle has been created to examine and share different pagan traditions from ancient teachings within the Craft.

We would like to help those that are walking the Path improve their spell-writing skills and join our new thoughts on documenting the practice.

Join us for knowledge-attaining discussions, dream reading, card readings and a journey into the greater collective consciousness.

Stay tuned for our upcoming publication on spirituality and the Path of the Wicca.

Join us if you want to learn why Oana has never given nor will give a hug in the doorway, and Bianca has and will remove a hat off every bed she sees it on. 

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