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G.H. Guzik

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G.H. Guzik
G.H. Guzik (Author)
G.H. Guzik
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I am a bilingual writer writing in both English and Polish, thanks to having been born in Opole, Poland and educated in Guernsey, Channel Islands. Later I continued my education on a university level in Warsaw School of Economics to start a career in financial services.

I especially enjoy dark fantasy, steampunk, horror, and science-fiction, but I don’t limit my writing to these genres. From my early days, I admired the power of storytelling to shape the world through changing people. Having read hundreds of books, watched thousands of films and played countless video games, I decided to start telling my own stories.

Although I wrote my first science fiction story at the age of ten, pursuing the writer’s path professionally took me more than a quarter of the century. Laboriously learning the ropes, I hope to follow in the footsteps of the greatest, singling out Sir Terry Pratchett, Michael Crichton, and Neil Gaiman as my most influential masters.

Avid gamer especially hooked on good video, card, and board RPGs, but not averse to strategy games and FPS’s either. I also used to spend countless hours as a game master building worlds and stories for my friends.

Finally, if time allows I like watching sports with a soft spot for football (soccer), NBA, and cycling.

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