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John Robinson
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John Robinson (Author)
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At thirty years old I am beginning to feel the bite a little bit. It has been a rough last six years, when in and out of hospitals and supported accommodations, I have equally been off but mainly on major tranquilizers for this time also. But not to worry. Because equally over this period of my life I have been able to twice visit, and then in September 2008 marry my now wife, and also write three books, of which 'Fighting Madness' is my third. My physical health is generally quite good. Well as any of you who know me in person will be able to vouch for, I do have a serious problem with my breathing. But that doesn't stop my characters on the written page from thinking freely and getting away with whatever mayhem they may, as their urges see fit. I have also recently restarted my university degree, which I am hoping will this time lead to fruition, unlike the attempt at undergraduate studies of two years ago which ended in hospitalization. For two years. But enough about that. To be quite honest and I will confess that I haven't committed to much creative writings as of late, instead choosing to focus on my university studies and preparatory readings. But i dare say that there are still plenty of years between me and the gravestone, and while this remains the case there is still time for me to write. I think my next book is a long way off. It will take some doing to match those I have already written. But I still think that i may be able to dig one up at some point somewhere or other along the line, other things permitting. I guess we will see.

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